BTT #4. How the Artist Considered the Tulip.

Here is another poem for y’all.  The last one I gave was one of my oldest.  This is my newest poem.  In terms of explanation I will say only that it is inspired by a beautiful pastel.  The picture moved me a great deal.  Hope you like the poem!

How the Artist considered the Tulip
It seems strange,
She did not paint
The voluptuous velvet shell,
Nor did she trace
The fimbriated lines
Of delicate leaves
Weaving in suspended air.

She dared to pierce
With her brush
Into the very center
Of the beautiful creature,
Where muddy loam
Mixed with sunlight laden rain
To sculpt a fiery heart
Thrusting a blinding
Flash of color back to the
Cold blue sky of
Failing winter, crying out
In desperate measure:

Here I am, Pick me!
Oh, here I am,
Pick me.

-Lona Gynt
November 2015
All rights reserved, Lona Gynt, November 2015

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