BTT #9 Memory’s Shingle Jingle


Memory's Caddy
This is the incomparable Memory Thorne in her class-mobile.  The picture is boosted from her blog #57: Remember the time.  Links to her blog are below.  CHECK IT OUT! 🙂
The following is dedicated to our friend Memory Thorne.  Back when I was brand new in SL, she thought she saw me stuck down in some nether region flopping around.  She did what any wonderful Good Samaritan would do… she asked me if I needed help.  Turns out I was merely having a blast floating about in Cica Ghost’s Anti-gravity room in Cica’s shop.  But it gave me a chance to meet the wonderful Memory Thorne.  Memory is a graceful model, photographer, and SL fashion blogger, experienced and poised, but warm and funny too.  I found that she embodied the key line in her profile:  “Behind every avatar is a real person – be kind”  The amazing thing is that she was so kind and cheerful to me even though I learned that she was suffering at the time from a prolonged drawn out case of RL Shingles.  Well I know a thing or two about the Shingles- that virus is one nasty critter.  I wrote this little verse at the time in solidarity for her plight.  I hope it might make y’all smile just a bit.
Memory’s Shingle Jingle
There is really no single
Pain like a shingle
It simply just hurts like sin.
You’re feeling quite fine
While it hides in your spine
“Til it treks out a road to your skin.
It sets up a home
On your poor dermatome
As it runs to get out to the air.
Soon you are yearning
For a day without burning
And the fight hardly even seems fair.
Until you are better
You can’t wear a good sweater
Cuz you itch and you scratch at the touch.
And the girl who confesses
To shoulderless dresses
Finds they don’t cover the red rash by much.
The whole basic gist here
Is it give you a blister
Lined up like red little soldiers.
At first it’s just itchin’
“Til the whole crew does pitch in
In a file from your neck to your shoulders.
It’s been studied afar
By scholars gold-star
From Aukland and London and Emory.
But this verse is a spell
To hope you are well,
And drive this plague far from our Memory.
-Lona Gynt.  Summer 2015
Okies Y’all.  Be well.  And make sure you check out Memory’s blog (has the most awesome blog name ever…. drum roll)
Randomly Accessed by Memory
It is always sweet, full of charm, fashion, fun photos, and that certain thang..  here is the link:
Check it out, sign up!  You will love it.
_All rights reserved: Lona Gynt October 2016 – with the exception of Memory Thorne, she can do whatever her heart desires with this particular little scribblin of mine.

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