BTT #12: Stages of Life

a monarch-butterfly-chrysalis

Stages of Life
We love to watch the
Monarchs when they are young,
Inching along the edges of their
Milkweed world
Devouring their green nursery with a
Grim and fervent appetite.
We thrill to see them fly
When they are grown,
Flitting in the edges
Of our gardens and
Lighting the dark corners of
The groves until they
Rise together against the
Coming frosts finally to
Gather and intertwine to drape
The sharp-needled evergreeens
For a season with a crawling
Gown of autumn fire.
—   —   —
But I, myself, hold the
Chrysalis most tender to my heart,
Where a skin of leathered jade
Is wrapped tight beneath
A translucent membrane
Of papered expectation,
Bound by a solitary
Golden chain and a sprinkling
Of shimmering diadems
Clinging by the most tenuous
Of threads to the wider web of life,
But mostly just hanging…
Just hanging there
Surrounded by the atmosphere and
Sunlight, and merely the very
Cosmos whirring in oblivious
Disregard around this
Point of breathing stillness,
Where silent wings simply
Lie enfolded upon a
Slowly beating heart.
—   —   —
             -Lona Gynt,  April 2016.
All rights for text reserved by Lona Gynt, July 2017.
a monarch-butterfly-chrysalis
This post is dedicated to my Mother who helped me raise a Monarch Butterfly when I was five,  and to my Therapist, Tamara, who helps me see that even folded wings can be beautiful.

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