BTT #14: Lona tries to save some money…


CICA dreamer_002
Money saving tip of the day:  You can save BIG MONEY by deciding to talk about your dreams with your kitty cat instead of with your therapist… but you should be emotionally prepared to have your brightest hopes and darkest issues met with an air of conceited diffidence.
Rezzing… rezzing….
Lona Gynt arrives to start her day in Second Life and decides she needs to speak with her Kitty, the ever regal and smugly diffident HarveyCat…
[15:59] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Here Kitty kitty!
HarveyCat, Lona’s accountant, bodyguard, feline companion, and sometime conscience is sleeping languidly in some little corner of Elysium, whisker twitching now and then in the sand that predominates in Mom’s Little spot….
[16:00] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): (sweetly) Here Kitty-kitty
[16:00] Harvey Cat (harveycat) sleeps, starts to purr, but the just slightly too quick cadence betrays a diffident passive aggression…
[16:01] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): (firmly, but not shouting) Here! Kitty! Kiitt-tee!
[16:01] Lona Gynt (lonagynt) sifts her red kitty slippers in the sand just below Harvey’s tail.
[16:02] Harvey Cat (harveycat) opens his eyes just a slit, lifts his head up from the sand just more than an inch and twists it up just enough to gaze balefully at Lona’s chin, purposefully not meeting her eyes..
[16:02] Harvey Cat (harveycat): What?
[16:02] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): why do you do that?
[16:04] Harvey Cat (harveycat) holds his pose
[16:04] Harvey Cat (harveycat): Do what?
[16:04] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): that thing you are doing y’know, that thing you are doing now, where you open your eyes just a slit, lift your head up from the sand just more than an inch, and twist to gaze balefully at my navel, purposefully not meeting my eyes.  Y’know, that thing  🙂
[16:05] Harvey Cat (harveycat): What do you mean?
[16:07] Harvey Cat (harveycat) exhales a muffled sigh, and puts his head back on the sand and closes his eyes tightly
[16:07] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): because, really it seems like so much trouble, you have to carefully just open your eyes a tad, and then twist the head and hold it there, it seems that would give you a cramp, and all that fuss, just to be regally aloof and diffident and all that… I mean it would be less trouble just to sit up and look straight at me, y’know give me your full attention and all that?
[16:08] Harvey Cat (harveycat) keeping his eyes closed
[16:08] Harvey Cat (harveycat): well it is beneath me to just do the easy thing, if I can take the proper care to let you know that I don’t really need to give you my full concentration, it is worth the extra effort.
[16:08] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): it just seems harder, that’s all, seems it might require more concentration on your part to give the message that you are not giving the proper concentration, than to just sit up and pay attention, or fake it or such.
[16:09] Harvey Cat (harveycat): Ok Lona, I know this banter is the human equivalent of coming in and kneading on the stomach with a loud purr at 3 am…
[16:09] Harvey Cat (harveycat) resignedly retracts his head from the ground and unwinds his tail from beneath his gray body and stretches each leg, then curls upward to a sitting position and stares directly at Lona’s eyes…
[16:10] Harvey Cat (harveycat): Ok, Lona, I’m listening.  What’s eating you?
[16:10] Lona Gynt (lonagynt) bemusedly contemplates Harvey’s profile a moment… thinks “well I have not been asleep for three days, so it’s not you…”  then smiles and cheerfully launches in…
[16:10] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Okey dokes, now isn’t that better?  I just have to tell you about this crazy dream I was having!
[16:11] Harvey Cat (harveycat) peturbedly affects and air of unperturbedness…
[16:11] Harvey Cat (harveycat): so you woke me up to tell me about a dream?
[16:12] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): yeah, yeah…
[16:12] Lona Gynt (lonagynt) chirping cheerfully now
[16:12] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): okay okay here it is.  we were in a large parking lot at the beach, the surf was crashing in large voluptuous rhythms, a group of people were looking nervously at…
[16:13] Harvey Cat (harveycat) starts licking his paw.
[16:13] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): c’mon stop that! Pay attention.
[16:13] Harvey Cat (harveycat) gazes back.
[16:13] Harvey Cat (harveycat): I will listen.  I assume this is neither bodyguard, accountant, or conscience mode, It sounds like I am in therapist mode, right?  I mean, listening to your dreams and all that, right?
[16:14] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): well sure…
[16:14] Harvey Cat (harveycat): then go ahead.  But I am going to lick my paw while you drone on.  Human therapists scribble absently on a paper pad, and say  hmm, mm hm.. now and again, so they can pretend they are paying attention… I can’t write, so this is my mode of distractable empathy.  Take it or leave it.
[16:14] Lona Gynt (lonagynt) thinks it over, shrugs.
[16:15] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): okies no problem 😀
[16:15] Harvey Cat (harveycat) resumes licking paw.
[16:15] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): this might take a while though, won’t it get all wet and soppy?
[16:16] Harvey Cat (harveycat): my paw or your dream?
[16:16] Lona Gynt (lonagynt):   😉
[16:16] Harvey Cat (harveycat) face paws
[16:17] Harvey Cat (harveycat): No problem, if that is the case, I will just move over to the window and start gazing distractedly at birds, just keep talking.
[16:17] Lona Gynt (lonagynt) thinks it over, shrugs, continues…
[16:17] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Well as I was saying, I was at a large parking lot at the beach..
[16:18] Harvey Cat (harveycat): (in a fake thick German Accent),  Soo Vhy vere du at zee beetch, Vhy vere de vaifs crasthink woluptuoslee?  Vhy zoll ick bin dein therapisst venn du hast ein therapisst in dein sogenannte reel life?  So?!
[16:18] Lona Gynt (lonagynt) smiles affectionately at how corny her alt is, he tries to be aloof but he is just as big a cornball as she is.
[16:18] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Just keep lickin and listnin kitty cat, you missed a spot, and besides, I need to save some Lindens and you are a lot less expensive than my Real Life Therapist.
[16:18] Harvey Cat (harveycat): mm hm…  Been overspending again?
[16:19] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Oh yeah, I guess I have been.
[16:19] Harvey Cat (harveycat): Cica’s shop?
[16:19] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Yup!
[16:19] Harvey Cat (harveycat): So this is the part where you drop the affectation of a cutsey introduction right through the fragile shell of the third wall and get to your point?
[16:19] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Yup!
[16:20] Harvey Cat (harveycat) Shakes his head in disbelief at how Lona has just flushed all suspension of disbelief down the crapper.
[16:20] Harvey Cat (harveycat): And I assume your point is that you wanted to tell me about your dreams so you could have a cutsey introduction so you can finally rave about Cica Ghost’s dreamlike sims, and use that as a bridge to actually talk about your dreams?
[16:20] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Wow! It’s like you know me!  It’s, it’s… almost like you were me… weird.  😉
[16:20] Harvey Cat (harveycat): Well, you are talking to your Alt, or are you just talking to yourself?
[16:21] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): 😀
[16:21] Harvey Cat (harveycat): Okey Doke girl (oops- where did that unregal unaloof colloquialism come from?!)  You just go on ahead and drop all this cute kitty therapist stuff, and I will just go on over to the window and look distractedly at birds, besides, this SL conversation format is getting tiring to type and cut and paste etc.
[16:21] Lona Gynt (lonagynt) stares with regal diffidence at Harvey… then smiles all sparkly dark.
[16:22] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Okies Dokies hokey pokies!!!! 😀
[16:22] Harvey Cat (harveycat) moves languidly over to the window leaving little tracks of kitty spittle on the carpet.
[16:23] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Alright everyone now that Harvey and I have either collectively grabbed or lost your attention, I will get on with it.  When I first became a resident of Second Life, I had all of the paranoid and enraptured confusion that every noobie has.  I was lucky to find my very own Professor Higgins (Lauren Olivia) who showed me how to not walk like a robot, and how to have  my beautiful skin and some of the very basics (Lauren, I don’t know if you are still out there, but if you are I will always be grateful).  But I was afraid of some nefarious purpose or someone who wanted to turn me into a blood doll or something I didn’t understand.  I didn’t know how to navigate this world at all (I still hardly have a clue actually- Lauren’s help was so quick and whiz bang, I still hardly now how I ended up as myself, but I am glad that I did).
[16:24] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): There seemed to be countless guys who just wanted to come up and animate my avatar to do things it had never done before, and many silly and disgusting things were very nearly endured.  But most people actually just wanted to be helpful and nice.  Chelle once spent an entire hour trying to teach me how to wear fierce boots without my toes poking out the heels, but I still never really got it (I am slow learner- but thanks Chelle, I will never forget that).  I eventually found a cheap darling pair of simple red kitty ballerina slippers that always worked and which I have just loved.  They are a thang fer me now.  Like most SL Residents, I saw my share of the good, the bad, and the perverted, but I will never-ever forget the first truly beautiful place I found in Second Life.
[16:24] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): While browsing through the editors picks, I came upon the following description for a sim called Dreamers by Cica Ghost:
“In a surreal world canopied by a magical sky, sixteen figures look upward to dream, and eight eagerly share their visions with visiting explorers.”
[16:25] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I arrived on a colorful island full of luscious otherworldly orchards and and festive wagons and at the center were a group of stone faces gazing with closed eyes toward the vaults of a swirling colorful sky.  I spent days just exploring this small gorgeous dream of an island before I received an inkling this place was just a doorway into a deeper place.
[16:25] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): The cursor is the fovea of the virtual world and as mine hovered for a time over one of these silent guardians an SL chair icon appeared inviting me to open a gateway or to at least have a seat.  It turned out to be a portal which wisked me away landing me head over heels in a place where the color of the Cica’s island had been replaced by the vast expanse of a white plane with a group of sloping faceless giants wandering among flower encrusted hills impervious to my intrusion, looking down as if they had lost something that they needed to find.
[16:26] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): At the center was a bare hill where a lone figure looked upward with a faceless gaze and an outstretched hand longingly reached for a solitary balloon that seemed to have just floated out of grasp.  My heart was silenced as I walked among the stark unanchored ether.  I felt I had been invited into a very private place by a singular artist.  I had found the dream within the dream.
dreamers ballon giants
I did not actually get a picture of this dream.  This was downloaded from Ziki Questi’s blog.  It can be accessed here:


[16:26] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I found a white stone monument with the words “Wake Up” chiseled on its face.  When I clicked here the stone twisted and swallowed me inward then planted me all skewampus back on the Dreamers home island again.  After I dusted myself off I saw  the Dreaming statues beckoning again in the distance and I was now running, and soon flying to get back and to see what the next dreamer had in store.
[16:27] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I spent several days during Thanksgiving 2015 holiday waking up early each morning and spending several hours to go and dream in Cica’s World.  I brought some of my new friends there.  One person immediately exclaimed “this is terrible- who would want to to come to a place like this!”  But those who “got it”  cemented solid bonds of friendship and family that have continued to bring me joy.  Kae and I stood quietly in the 2D/3D world next to the patch of dancing black flowers and discussed esoteria of science, religion, and parenting.  Sophia flew and traipsed excitedly among the metal teardrops and floating bathtubs.  Ishtar taught me to sit quietly in a meditative pose in the unroofed ruins of a bombed out building and let raindrops of silent hearts and blackened stars wash over us there.
[16:27] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Others (but sadly too few) have given better and more comprehensive descriptions of this seminal work by Cica Ghost.  Here is a link to one of my favorites:
[16:28] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I once read in some sort of stilted etiquette guide that one of the rules of polite dinner conversation is to never talk about your dreams.
[16:28] Harvey Cat (harveycat) wraps a suppressed chortle in an emphatic purr.
[16:28] Harvey Cat (harveycat): Why were you reading an etiquette guide?!  you have neither the time nor the inclincation!   😉
[16:29] Lona Gynt (lonagynt) simply continues…
[16:30] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): It is a risky thing to open the random and chaotic thread of a persistent dream to another soul, some people find it intrusive to be burdened by the detritus of the days left over synaptic firings.  Cica nevertheless has always had the courage to open her ethereal, often whimsical and sometimes terrifying visions to us with a haunting and generous precision.
[16:32] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I will always be grateful for her work and the opening she gives us to her dreams.  I myself am now going to risk such an intrusion even though it will no doubt suffer by comparison to her beautiful tapestries.  Several of the next blog-type-thingys will be a brief remembrance and reference to some of Cica’s dream-like creations, coupled with a profound real-life dream or two of my own that has woven itself into the fabric of my waking days.  I hope y’all won’t find it tiresome.
[16:32] Lona Gynt (lonagynt):  Luvs to y’all.   😀
[16:33] Lona Gynt (lonagynt) looks down at Harvey.  He is curled up at my feet now.  I Cannot tell if he is already asleep, or if he is just faking…
[16:33] Lona Gynt (lonagynt) All rights reserved  for text to LonaGynt June 2017.
[16:34] Harvey Cat (harveycat) makes a muffled noise. eyes still shut…
[16:34] Harvey Cat (harveycat): and HarveyCat
Cica dreamers 5_002
The pictures in this post are from the Dreamers exhibit by the seminal Second Life Artist Cica Ghost.  If you are an SL resident, make sure you visit her shop and art gallery!  You can find all sorts of her wonderful creations to purchase.  The joys include pictures which you can jump into or an anti-gravity room where you and two friends can float and be weightless.  IT IS SIMPLY A JOY!!!  If you are a resident of Second Life,  here is the SLurl for you:

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