BTT #20: Tough and Wonderful Day(s)

Amanda Day
My ever watchful, often wry, always tender, quietly tough SL daughter – Amanda Day

Rezzing… Rezzing.

I arrive at my sandy parcel.. “Mom’s Littel Spot” in Elysium early on Thanksgiving morning 2017.  The scent of a triple berry pie is wafting from the real life kitchen.  I am still in that awkward moment of SL rezzing when my face is visible, but my torso is still trying to materialize and is blinking in and out discombobulated perpendicular to my pelvis when I get cheery greeting from my SL daughter Amanda. I am thrilled to see her, but am not expecting the tough news she will be giving me soon.  Editorial Note:  I have received permission from all involved to share this chat with you, so here it is with all the chat lag, music play list (Cinemix) and SL typonese intact…  The hearts are added to add a space between dialogue and italicized editorial additions because I am still such a tech idiot I can’t figure out how to do it without it all either jumbling up togetha or creating a gaping chasm on this platform (sheesh) – but they seem appropriate to the vibe anyhoo…


[5:01] Amanda Day (amandaday):  Mom!!  🙂

[05:02] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): hey there  🙂

[05:02] Amanda Day (amandaday): oh wow, all prettied

I am recombobulated by now…

[05:02] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): hehe yes, you too, as always

[05:03] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I am so happy to be hugging you

[05:03] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): so happy your girl is heading that way

[05:03] Amanda Day (amandaday): i have taken to wearing glasses (as i do in RL) in the hope that i will appear more nerdy lol

[05:03] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): lil laugh

[05:03] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): they look great.

[05:04] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): squeezes.

[05:05] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): so, feeling better from the other day I hope?

[05:05] Amanda Day (amandaday): sophia would have been online but she rushing about getting freight things sorted

Sophia is my other SL daughter and Amanda’s SL wife’…  (hey.. in SL things sometimes time gets mixed up.  Amanda and Sophia invited me to be their SL Mum when they were already together, and we never had the impetus or inclination to figure out which one was my SL daughter and which one was my SL daughter-in-law, I am just so glad they invited me into their family as their SL Mum… We just roll with that hehe.  They are both really super and I claim them both.  Sophia is in the process of moving from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern where she will be joining Amanda as also her RL fiancé).

[05:05] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): so she is an enthusiast in RL for freight as well, giggles… but in RL from necessity

[05:06] Amanda Day (amandaday): yes much better but still depressed at loosing my job 😦

[05:06] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): oh dear, I am sorry, didn’t know.

[05:06] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I have been so out of it here…

[05:07] Amanda Day (amandaday): the worst part is don’t even know why

[05:07] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): squeezes again,

[05:08] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): you know dear, I have never asked, but I am not sure what you do,  other than being so awesome.

[05:08] Amanda Day (amandaday): they used the excuse – company reorganisation… no longer a post… all rubbish

[05:08] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): oh  sheesh

[05:09] Amanda Day (amandaday): i was technical advisor for icecube machines

[05:09] Amanda Day (amandaday): amongst other things

[05:09] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): manufacturing and service concerns then

[05:10] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I am sorry.  when did thsi happen?

[05:10] Amanda Day (amandaday): 3 weeks ago

[05:10] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): If too many questions, tell me to stop

[05:10] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I just want to be here wit ya

At this point I brush some little button or pad on my computer that causes my avatar to shift all the way across the floor, still frozen in a friendly hug position.

[05:11] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): oops

[05:11] Amanda Day (amandaday): i was there for 6yrs then a new director came. suddenly i don’t fit in

[05:12] Amanda Day (amandaday): 10 months after i get fired

[05:12] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): squeeze again

[05:13] Amanda Day (amandaday): when they use the excuse they did its because they won’t say the real reason

[05:13] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): fuming

[05:13] Amanda Day (amandaday): most likely trans made him uncomfortable

[05:13] Amanda Day (amandaday): but not allowed to say it

[05:14] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): well to hell with that I say…

[05:14] Amanda Day (amandaday): if i could prove it there would be a case

[05:15] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): it can be so hard to prove, I just wish, and wish and wish, our world could get this right,

[05:16] Amanda Day (amandaday): i say that was why they will say but you were there for almost 7yrs, how could we be anti-trans?

[05:17] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): do you have some other prospects?

[05:18] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): It is so maddening,

[05:18] Amanda Day (amandaday): no. but i am on a council scheme so it will be up to them to place me somewhere

[05:19] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): council scheme?

[05:19] Amanda Day (amandaday): the company paid ½ and the council paid ½

[05:20] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): a type of unemployment and placement insurance plan?

[05:21] Amanda Day (amandaday): because i am sick (gender dyphoria being recognised as a sickness) lol

[05:21] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): lol  indeed,

[05:22] Amanda Day (amandaday): until the WHO get that changed we remain psychos

[05:22] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): it always makes me laugh and cry too, I feel less sick since I have accepted being transgender, but now that I am better (8 mg!) the rest of the world will recognize it only as being sick (gender dysporia), when I feel that the society is sick in theri revulsion, discrimination, etc etc…

[05:23] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): yes but we are the nicest dern psychos eva !  😉

[05:23] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): have to laugh not to cry

[05:23] Amanda Day (amandaday): haha

[05:23] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): well you are no psyco, you are just perfect… squeeze

[05:24] Second Life: Inventory item offered

tough wonderful Day_001
I send Amanda this picture of hugging a tough and wonderful Day at this point


[05:24] Amanda Day (amandaday): Amanda Day (amandaday) received your inventory offer.

[05:25] Amanda Day (amandaday): also i saw the doctor last week. i have to have xrays on my wrists. left one especially crunches when i move it. the doctor said i shouldn’t really be working at all

[05:25] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): luv you Amanda

[05:26] Amanda Day (amandaday): by crunching i mean other people hear it

[05:26] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): so what was the next step, rest, therapy, rezzing a new awesome robot bionic star catching sparkly wrist  “)

[05:27] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I think I am going to use that line in RL in clinic next week and see what the patient says…

[05:27] Amanda Day (amandaday): he said most likely no cure. just worn out bones

[05:28] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): arthritis then, maybe a brace, anti-inflammatories, all the temporizing measures

[05:29] Amanda Day (amandaday): we don’t get younger unfortunately

[05:29] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): no

[05:29] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): dern entropy

[05:30] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): allthough I laugh… almost every week someone at church asks me what I am taking to make me look younger.

[05:30] Amanda Day (amandaday): hehe

[05:31] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): someday I will relish the look on some consevative sweet little Mormon Grandma when I tell her that I am taking 8 mg of estrogen a day and that is my secret…  although my therapist will likely warn me not to try to shock people glibly

[05:32] Amanda Day (amandaday): lol

[05:32] Amanda Day (amandaday): although long term HRT has its dangers

[05:32] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): one lady last week said “I know you must be taking something to make you look younger” (she was being nice rather than accusatory), and she said, I HAD to get her some…  my I was just dying from laughter on the inside.

[05:32] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): yes it does.

[05:33] Amanda Day (amandaday): thrombosis right?

[05:33] Amanda Day (amandaday): did i spell that right+

[05:34] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): yes, although it is more likely to happen early in the treatment course, (and perfect spelling!), but my doc and I agreed I will resume my low dose aspirin to help ameliorate the risk, not smoking helps the thrombosis risk be lower, excercise, hydration all help.

[05:35] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): long plane rides it is good to get up and move around etc (someone should tell Sophia to dance in the ailes all the way up)

[05:35] Amanda Day (amandaday): haha!

[05:35] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): 🙂

[05:36] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): so how is your tummy, want to float a bit?  🙂

[05:36] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): (oh I forgot, you don’t have a tummy)

[05:36] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): 😉

[05:36] Amanda Day (amandaday): i have too much tummy!

[05:37] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): well, not in SL thats fer sure  🙂  (and I must say you look just great in you RL pics that I have too)

[05:38] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): squeezes,…  lets float a bit?  helps the lousy bits float off the soul.

[05:39] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): c’mon up

This is a picture of Sophia floating in the Anti-gravity room – on another day.


We enter into the Cica Ghost Antigravity Room that dominates My Little Spot of sandy beach most of the time in Second Life.  I have three pictures hanging, two of them – Loves Crush and a Super bright wonderful picture of giant dragonflies are by a SL artis named Toy Soldier.  The third is a print of Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth.  Amanda and I start floating and turning in peaceful undulating circles… it is so awesome.

[05:39] Amanda Day (amandaday): weeeee

[05:39] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): yaay!

[05:40] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I luv this, never gets old for me, which really makes me smile

[05:40] Amanda Day (amandaday): smiles

[05:40] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): like the pictures?

[05:40] Amanda Day (amandaday): yes!

[05:41] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): 🙂

[05:41] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): makes it feel a littel bit like a home for me

[05:42] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): the Wyeth was the first art print I ever bought on my own as a youngster

[05:42] Amanda Day (amandaday): i wondered who the artist was

[05:42] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): so your butterfly is excited I bet

[05:43] Amanda Day (amandaday): both excited but nervous she has forgot things

[05:43] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): is she dragging a bra around town hooked to her purse again?

This is in reference to a funny story from Sophia, she actually did that, but not on purpose.  Suffice it to say, don’t leave your purse on a pile of laundry when you are in a hurry to leave and do errands without checking very carefully first…

[05:43] Amanda Day (amandaday): and of course family making the most of the remaining time with her

[05:44] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): good!

[05:44] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): did things ever get a bit better with her RL mom?

[05:44] Amanda Day (amandaday): yes, they are fantastic!

[05:44] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): RL daughter in the room, I might need to be a littel stelath

[05:44] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): oh GREAT!!!

[05:45] Amanda Day (amandaday): they go shopping together and she tips on what clothes suit best etc

[05:45] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): YAY!

[05:46] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): today is Thanksgiving Day, I have a lot of new things to add to my list to be thankful for, and some blessings to request.

[05:47] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I will keep you in my prayers with your job, someone will be lucky to getcha on the payroll soon

[05:47] Amanda Day (amandaday): ahh yes. happy turkey day. i am having chicken tonight in solidarity

[05:47] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): lol

[05:48] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I like cooking turkey, but only once or twice a year… oh pies done, brb

[05:48] Amanda Day (amandaday): ok

[05:49] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): and RL daughter needs some help with a bicycle pump, 5 minutes… brb luv

[05:50] Amanda Day (amandaday): sophia is here

[05:54] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): back.  yay!

[06:48] Second Life: Inventory item offered

[06:48] Amanda Day (amandaday): Amanda Day (amandaday) received your inventory offer.

 Sophia Day (sophiaxuan) is online.

[05:49] Now playing: Lisa Gerrard & James Orr – 2:22 – 2:23 

[05:49] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): !!! It’s our mom!

[05:50] Amanda Day (amandaday): she is afk checking pies

[05:50] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): You two are hug floating 🙂

[05:51] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Sorry I’m late, stayed at the shops until 9, then it turned out one department store was open until 10, so I stayed until it closed too

[05:51] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): and my mum finished work and met me there and we looked at things, then got dinner, then ate dinner, then talked about The Plans

[05:51] Amanda Day (amandaday): haha. crazy shopper

[05:51] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Got shoes 🙂

[05:52] Amanda Day (amandaday): if i stand you can float

[05:52] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): I can 🙂

[05:52] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): It takes 3 i think

[05:52] Amanda Day (amandaday): oh you can

[05:52] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): yes

[05:52] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): you are stuck in a hug though 🙂

[05:52] Now playing: Stephen Warbeck – Shakespeare In Love – The End 

[05:53] Amanda Day (amandaday): oh!

[05:53] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): hehe

[05:53] Amanda Day (amandaday): looks ok on my screen

[05:53] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): mom and I appear to be floating around all over the place as normal

[05:53] Amanda Day (amandaday): hmmm

[05:53] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): and you’re frozen in midair with your arms in a hug pose

[05:54] Amanda Day (amandaday): lol

[05:54] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): still in that hug pose now on the ground

[05:54] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): oh there we go lol

When I return to the keyboard I am delighted to see that my other SL daughter, and Amanda’s fiancé Sophia has joined us.  She if floating right along with us in the Antigravity room.

[05:54] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): hi Sopia!!!

[05:54] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): come on up!

[05:54] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): oh there you are!! 🙂

[05:55] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): 22!

Meaning 22 days until Amanda and Sophia are reunited from across two hemispheres. 

[05:55] Amanda Day (amandaday): here she is. shopper extraordinare

[05:55] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): (I hear tell)

[05:56] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Hi mom!

[05:56] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Hi Girl!

[05:56] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): I got some lipstick too. colour less extreme than the last one

[05:56] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Yes, 22!

[05:56] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): smiling smiling smiling.
[05:57] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan):

[05:57] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): I researched the shoes with the best arch support some time ago and kept a list

[05:57] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): and saw one of them at the shop. so great!

[05:57] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): i can walk around in them without falling over! and it feels all cushiony!

[05:57] Now playing: William Ross – 50 To 1 – Arrival at Churchill Downs 

[05:58] Amanda Day (amandaday): without falling over. well that’s a bonus lol

[05:58] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): looking

[05:59] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): oh it is pretty too, even if you fell over in them it might still be worth it

[05:59] Amanda Day (amandaday): hehe

[06:00] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan) is offline.

Sophia has unceremoniously disappeared, but my next comment gets out just before she does so.

[06:00] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Always loved that Cardigan Jacket Sophia, if I am recoginizing it

[06:00] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): oops, did she fall over?  hehe

[06:00] Now playing: Yuki Hayashi – Genkai Shuraku ID mobile – Saisei 

[06:00] Amanda Day (amandaday): fell offline

[06:00] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): hehe

[06:01] Amanda Day (amandaday): the heat there gives problems with overheating

[06:02] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): blows some cool breeze thoughts that way to help get her circuits runnin again

[06:03] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan) is online.

Sophia reappears… 

[06:03] Amanda Day (amandaday): here she is

[06:03] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): sorry, it happened again

[06:03] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): welcome back, we decided you fell on those shoes

[06:04] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): disconnection

[06:04] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): ha!

[06:04] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Last I saw was…

[06:04] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Amanda Day (amandaday): without falling over. well that’s a bonus lol

[06:04] Now playing: Joel Goldsmith – Helen of Troy – Helen Tries Suicide 

[06:04] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): lol, didn’t touch wood

[06:04] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan) giggles

[06:05] Amanda Day (amandaday): you must leave cookies out at night for the ethernet fairies

[06:05] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Was just saying, I’ve not fallen on heels before but because of my low arches, my foot (and leg) collapses inward every time I take a step

[06:05] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Not just with heels but any shoes (though it’s far more pronounced with heels)

[06:05] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): So there is a risk of toppling over without arch support

[06:06] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): it never works the other way… like, somebody say, they are showing up at my door with the lottery winnings from that ticket that some stranger bought for me,, and then ….

[06:06] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): oh theres the doorbell….

[06:06] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): haha

[06:06] Now playing: Anne Dudley – The 10th Kingdom – Flowers Only Grow Where There Are Seeds 

[06:06] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): fighting your arch nemesis

[06:06] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): hahahahaha

[06:06] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): laughing out loud

[06:06] Amanda Day (amandaday): hahaha

[06:07] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Lots of things were on sale at the shops. I wonder it’s a pseudo black friday kind of thing like they have in the US, or just a similar retail effect

[06:07] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): oh I am so happy to be here with you two

[06:07] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): 🙂 likewise

[06:07] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): I’ve got my baggage sorted love

[06:08] Amanda Day (amandaday): they have black friday here too

[06:08] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): oh I hope it is not insane like it is here

[06:08] Now playing: Fabien Cali – Terre Des Ours (Land of the Bears) – La Vall?e Des Geysers 

[06:08] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I always just go for a walk on Black Friday, stay out of the craziness

[06:09] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): The cargo company (and indeed all cargo companies) can only take things as far as Copenhagen. and they’re expensive. They can’t get things to Jutland unless they’re DHL, and they’re expensive too

[06:09] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): But I found a company that literally just transports people’s extra suitcases, it’s usually used by students studying overseas who need extra suitcases for books etc but can’t take them on the plane

[06:09] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): you two are synced  (smiles)

[06:10] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): floating in perfect harmony

[06:10] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): they’re going to pick them up from here on the (date classified) and deliver them to your door around the (date classified) Amanda, if that’s OK 🙂

[06:10] Amanda Day (amandaday): great!

[06:11] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): It’s funny, on my screen you two look in perfect harmony and I’m out of sync, hehe

[06:11] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I will leave cookies out for the cargo company faires in solidarity with you on those days

[06:11] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): my girls will say, why are these cookies on the porch?

[06:11] Amanda Day (amandaday): cargo fairiess lol

[06:11] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): A bonus, it costs less than all the other companies do, though not by much

[06:12] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): but at least it’ll be there, fast and easy 🙂

[06:12] Now playing: Olivier Bernet – Poulet aux prunes – La jeunesse de Nasser 

[06:12] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): so excited for you two

[06:13] Now playing: Trevor Morris – The Tudors – Wolsey Commits Suicide – Finale 

[06:13] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): should be enough space for my clothes, books and shoes. Some DVDs, my special radio, maybe some records

[06:13] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): that is funny about the sync, same for you Amanda?  Cica may have scripted so that whoever is viewing looks like the odd one out?  but how could that happen?

[06:14] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Interesting though…

[06:14] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): special radio…

[06:14] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Floating is in the eye of the beholder

[06:14] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): floaters too

[06:14] Amanda Day (amandaday): to me sophia and i are sync’d

[06:14] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): ha, well it was close 🙂

[06:15] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan):

[06:15] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): part 3 of my dream series is done, it was harder to write than the others, I wonder what Cica would ever think of my descriptions…

[06:15] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): One of the few fancy posh things I own, from back when I used to make money to spend

[06:16] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Wanted a special radio so I got one 🙂 And Denmark is big on digital radio so it’s perfect

[06:16] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Oh! Can’t wait to read it 🙂

[06:17] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): :).  with bell on her fingers and rings on her toes, she will have music wherever she goes  (and the radio helps too)..

[06:17] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Also, wow they have black friday in DK?

[06:17] Now playing: Advert: – The help – Advert: 

[06:17] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): You should feel the way the knob turns in one’s hand 🙂

[06:17] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): (errm, I think about that constantly actually… coughs).

[06:18] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): just kidding

[06:18] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): hahaha MOM!

[06:18] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan) giggles

[06:18] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): sorry, lol

[06:18] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): hehe it’s ok, still giggling

[06:18] Amanda Day (amandaday): yes DAB has been big here for years. black friday mostly in the last year

[06:19] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): also, my giggling is going to wake my wife up

[06:19] Now playing: James Newton Howard – The Happening – Be With You 

[06:19] Amanda Day (amandaday): so you and your daughter are turkey sitting?

[06:19] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): IT’S THE WIFE! ITS THE WIFE! WARNING! WARNING!!!  

A note of explanation:  that last bit is a joke not in reference to my wife, but to the fact that it is a little soundtrack complete with alarms and sirens that Amanda toggles now and again as a little joke when Sophia shows up.


[06:19] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): yes, and most countries in the world don’t have DAB, so it’s really lucky. Denmark is one of the best countries for it apparently

[06:20] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I will start on the turkey in about an hour

[06:20] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): hahaha

[06:20] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): been laughing since I got here

[06:20] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): did you like the Goedel escher Bach ant bit on the blog Sophia? 

See BTT #18: My son tries very hard to tell me a joke…

[06:20] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): I had thanksgiving just once… it’s a really cozy holiday

[06:21] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Thanksgiving is one of my favorites, just hang out together, cook, clean, walk, play board games… real relaxed… and then….

[06:21] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Hehe with the talk of antybodies?

[06:21] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): next day… MADNESS!!!!

[06:21] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): hehe yes, antybodys.

[06:22] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): yes, they show footage of it here each year, even

[06:22] Amanda Day (amandaday): i was telling mom i will be having chicken tonight in solidarity. kind of mini thanksgiving

[06:22] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): those were real texts from my son and me.  🙂

[06:22] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Footage of people stampeding each other over and things like that, usually as a ‘crazy Americans!’ story lol.

[06:23] Now playing: Nuno Malo – The Celestine Prophecy – Love Theme 

[06:23] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Wow. 🙂 What long texts you wrote!

[06:23] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Did the long part all fit in one message?

[06:23] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan) giggles.

[06:23] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Oh that’s nice 🙂 Hope you enjoy your dinner

[06:24] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I was sitting in my endocrinologist office when he sent it, so I had lots of time  , and it did fit in one message, sitting there laughing to myself in the waiting room

[06:25] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): I had it in… I must have had it twice, in 2011 and 2014, those were the two years I was in Canada during thanksgiving, though they have it in October. But still, it was really really cold and snowy by then because, well, Edmonton.

[06:25] Now playing: Nuno Malo – The Celestine Prophecy – Love Theme 

[06:25] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): I remember for the 2014 one, me and my ex had turkey. She didn’t have any family in the city so we went to a local restaurant that was having a thanksgiving special turkey dinner by a fireplace

[06:25] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): The Canadians are thankful for things exactly 11/12 sooner than Americans,

[06:26] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Such a cozy holiday 🙂

[06:26] Amanda Day (amandaday): we have a similar thing nov 11th called mortensaften

[06:27] Amanda Day (amandaday): not a holiday but more a practice run for christmas dinner

[06:27] Amanda Day (amandaday): its more like a guy fawkes thing. a bishop who planed to kill the king

[06:27] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan) is offline.

Sophia disappears again. 

[06:28] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Leaves in all shades of fall brilliance, blanket the landscape, cracking and squishing as we walk. It is November. That means one thing: Mortensaften or in English, Eve of Saint Martin’s day,

[06:28] Amanda Day (amandaday): he was being chased and hid in a barn but some geese gave him away. so we have goose instead of turkey

[06:28] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): (quick google),

[06:29] Amanda Day (amandaday): except most people have duck instead

[06:29] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): his goose was cooked

[06:29] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): but he should have ducked

[06:29] Amanda Day (amandaday): lol

[06:29] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan) is online. 

Sophia is back again… 

[06:29] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): wb girl

[06:30] Second Life: Select residents to share with.

[06:30] Second Life: Items successfully shared. 

I send Sophia the picture of me Amanda and me hugging earlier when Amanda was telling me about her job.

[06:31] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Picture from Earlier Sophia

[06:31] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan) is offline. 

Dern it.. Sophia disappears as soon as she came… 

[06:31] Now playing: Alex Beaupain – Non ma fille, tu n’iras pas danser – La Danse du diable 

[06:31] Amanda Day (amandaday): i thought so. was only half back

[06:31] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): she is struggling to get back, maybe my picture pushed her off again

[06:31] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan) is online. 

Her beautiful self has now returned…

[06:32] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): and here she is… 🙂

[06:32] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): That time was connection again 😦

[06:32] Now playing: Steve Jablonsky – Transformers: The Score – Optimus 

[06:32] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): alright hugs  🙂 

I get down from the floating, standing now on the solid floor of the Anti-Gravity Room.  Sophia and Amanda soon follow. 

[06:32] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Yes so umm… what was I saying?

A little bit of the usual maneuvering, and Sophia and I are soon having one of those wonderful friendly hugs…

[06:33] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan) squeezes.

[06:33] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): cmon in Amanda  🙂 

Amanda joins us in our group hug.

[06:33] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): there…

[06:33] Amanda Day (amandaday): there we are

[06:34] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): life is good.   squeezes

[06:34] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): 🙂

[06:34] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): How have things been for you btw, mom?

[06:34] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Didn’t get to that with all the interruptions 🙂

[06:34] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): 🙂

[06:35] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): work is out on control, but a blessing to be busy, since I will have to pay for my son’s orthodontic and jaw surgery in a month

[06:35] Now playing: Federico Jusid, Emilio Kauderer – El Secreto de Sus Ojos (The Secret In Their Eyes) – Sandoval’s Choice 

[06:36] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): I have spent so much time wanting to be a girl… but I had not had that thought for while, when I realized that the other day I stopped, and had the thought…

[06:36] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Hey!  I am a girl!

[06:36] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): !!! 🙂

[06:36] Amanda Day (amandaday): hehe yes. that moment of realisation

[06:36] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): That happened to me once too!

[06:37] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): yes!  and even though the rest of the world does not see it (mostly), at least I see it.

[06:37] Now playing: Hans Zimmer – Pearl Harbor – Heart Of A Volunteer 

[06:37] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Good thing you have your SL daughters

[06:37] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): My wife is accepting (In retrospect I would say she is more generously resigned to it than accepting), of it too… within certain parameters.

[06:37] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): oh gosh yes!  thank you so much you are both such a blessing.  will love to have RL hugs someday

[06:38] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): 🙂 yes me too

[06:39] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): life has changed for my wife and I, but in some ways it is less stressful and more affectionate in some ways, even though not as intimate, but less pressure, less demands one of another, in a strange way, more unity mixed with other types of distance, a type of loving detente…  luaghing more.

[06:39] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): I can’t recall if you had talked to the kids yet, I think there were stirrings (?)

[06:40] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Loving detente, yes interesting phrase hehe

[06:40] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): no, I think my daughter suspects something, she is not sure what… My son is 2000 miles away (at BYU), and no idea that I can tell, but we did talk the other day about intersting things regarding gender and society that they were discussing in his sociology class.

[06:41] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Ohh… sounds like he is perfectly primed 🙂

[06:41] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): From everything you’ve told me, I don’t suspect he will be surprised

[06:41] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): he would be kind when the time comes, but it would be a grief, he is such a typical, but nice epitome of kind young masculinity.

[06:41] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Whereas from what you’ve told me of upoir daughter it might be trickier

[06:42] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): I wish I had one of those epitomes around, there are so many jars I can’t open!

[06:42] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Sons can be trickier with moms… and I think daughters can be trickier with Dads, I expect to let my therpaist have a heyday with helping me minimize the hurt to her

[06:42] Amanda Day (amandaday): haha

[06:42] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): hehe

[06:43] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): it is funny my wife has always been able to open the jars for me all through the marriage, but I still get the things off the top shelf

[06:43] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): 30 years next August

[06:43] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): tears of joy just now

[06:43] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): I studied some sociology courses back at the beginning of my arts degree, there was quite a bit of talk about gender and I suspect anyone who had studied all that would be able to wrap their head around things

[06:44] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Oh wow, 30 years 🙂

[06:44] Now playing: Cliff Eidelman – Columbus: The Discovery – The Discovery (Gloria) 

[06:44] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Can’t wait to give you a hug on that day along with my own soon-to-be-wife 🙂

[06:44] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): yes!

[06:45] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): You will be at 30 and we will be at 1, all the hard stuff still ahead 😦

[06:45] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): let me know when the marrige is and I will use “Gift to my Children” on that day in the Blog type thingy

[06:45] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): But all the happiness and love too 🙂

[06:45] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Oh wow, thank you

[06:46] Amanda Day (amandaday): 🙂

[06:46] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): the hard stuff is what helps us to even have a clue that we are having happiness love and joy

[06:46] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): 🙂

[06:47] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Has been such a hard time the last few years, but wonderful

[06:47] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Amanda here is a pic from the TDORR vigil the other night

TDORR 2017 Me Again_001
I send a picture to Amanda of me at the Transgender Day of Remembrance and Resilience Vigil on the 20th.  I had already sent one to Sophia on that evening, I had waited to send one to Amanda because she was not feeling great that night and I didn’t want to send her a pic of something so solemn on that day.


[06:47] Second Life: Select residents to share with.

[06:48] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): It’s good to not be hiding in the skab, and I met the most special person ever

[06:48] Second Life: Items successfully shared.

[06:48] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): 🙂

[06:48] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): 🙂 That was a nice pic

[06:48] Amanda Day (amandaday): ooh that’s a nice photo

[06:48] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): it was a sad, but special night

[06:49] Now playing: Marc Streitenfeld – Robin Hood (2010) – Robin Speaks 

[06:49] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): oops I accidentally clicked one sec

[06:49] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): you both stay safe, I think sometimes that God made us special girls (and ftm men too), to really challenge the world to learn how to love… how to have compassion for onself and for the world.

[06:50] Amanda Day (amandaday): yes its a blessing

[06:50] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): you may be right. it’s a lovely thought

[06:51] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): to teach that joy and understanding can arise out of the most strange of circumstances…  to teach that sometimes it is society that needs fixing.

[06:51] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): thanks

[06:51] Now playing: Marc Streitenfeld – Robin Hood (2010) – Robin Speaks 

[06:51] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): now I am just smiling and boo-hooing

[06:51] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): you would not believe  🙂

[06:52] Now playing: Andrew Lockington – San Andreas – Skydive 

[06:52] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): My mum said she was getting her hair done (she has it done at the home of a lady near here) and the hairdresser and another lady were talking. They were laughing about someone they saw whose gender was ambiguous and arguing about whether it was a woman or man

[06:52] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): and my mum spoke up

[06:52] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): she wouldn’t have done that before

[06:52] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): So she has learned new things

[06:53] Amanda Day (amandaday): your mum is fantastic

[06:53] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): She said in the past she had thought about trans people as just strangeness and awkwardness, and not really as people. without realizing she was doing it

[06:53] Now playing: Dario Marianelli – Pride & Prejudice – Your Hands Are Cold 

OK… I have to give a little retrospective editorial comment thingy here:  the entry of this particular music from Pride and Prejudice right after Sophia’s comments on her mother having overcome some measure of prejudice strikes me as ironic… and also a little wonderful. 

[06:54] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): But she said now she understands them as people and feels upset she didn’t before

[06:54] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): Oh that is so good.

[06:56] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): we all are here to learn, to be kind and loving, more than any other purpose I think, give her a hug from me if you can Sophia.

[06:56] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): Oh! Last night before I got back online love, we watched about 3/4 of Die Hard: With a Vengeance. After having watched the first one the other night. Seems they’re showing them all on TV this week. A dream come true for my mum

[06:57] Sophia Day (sophiaxuan): I will 🙂

[06:57] Lona Gynt (lonagynt): giggled 



Okay Dear Reader, that is all the chat that I was able to log.  This was Thanksgiving, a simple, loving, basic, (Sophia said it so well…) COZY family based holiday, so this is the part where I get even mushier than the potatoes.  There are so many things that I was grateful for on this Thanksgiving morning:   My wife, my children, my SL daughters and friends.  I am grateful for my SL friend and cister – MsAmazon2uBraveheart, and the help and fun she gives to me here in SL.  On this Thanksgiving she was busy working despite her persistent pain, cracking jokes and smiling while preparing the Holiday dinner for a large host of disabled friends who she invites over each year.  I am grateful for my Real Life Family, and I hope we will be able to continue to share this beautiful world together a long long time.  My approach to SL and RL is that I am the same person with the same heart in both places, and I hope to be able to introduce my wonderful RL family to my SL family some day… I think they would all get along super.  I am grateful for my career and the patients who trust me to care for them.  I am grateful for artists like Cica Ghost and Andrew Wyeth.  I am grateful for the poetry muse.  I am grateful for my Savior who understands me.  I am grateful that I did not succeed in slamming my car into a cliff shortly before Thanksgiving three years ago…, oh how things have changed, have become easier in some ways and harder in others, but they are so very much better.  If you are reading this then I am grateful for you too.   Love y’all!   Lona


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