BTT #26: A Wish For My Children

Desert Daughters
This poem was given to my Second Life Daughters, Amanda and Sophia on the occasion of there Second Life Wedding at Elysium.  I share it now in joyful celebration of their Real Life Wedding.  With Love, from your Second Life Mom.  XOXO.  Lona.


A Wish For My Children
For you, my children,
I hope you can always greet
The sunrise, where the
Bright glow of the hidden
Fire kisses and
Then patiently subdues the
Gently yielding darkness
Only to descend again
Later into the waiting
Arms of evening and the
Silent shroud of
Listening night.
This is where we might
See what it is to Love,
To give oneself over,
Here where twice each
Turning we find the
New creature, the
Strange new world
Formed in the
Mingled hues of
Dusk and Dawn.
-Lona Gynt
May 2017
Dedicated to my “Toechter aus Elysium”:  Amanda and Sophia
May 20, 2017
All RightS Reserved for Text to Lona Gynt, May 2017.  With Exception given to Amanda and Sophia Day who can also do whatever they would like with these little words.  LUVS!
great day4_001
Memories of a Great Day with my Days.  Wish I could be there with you at your Wedding beyond the pixelated spheres.  Wishing you both every blessing and joy.


2 thoughts on “BTT #26: A Wish For My Children

  1. Dale

    The wisdom of caring parents, is one’s greatest assets.
    I love the nature of all things. The sun’s effects on our little world, deserves it credits.
    Beautiful story, Lona😊

    Liked by 1 person

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