BTT #33: Orphan Shoe

orphan shoe

Orphan Shoe

Searched all night
For lambs lost.
For coins
Whole joint was tossed.
But cobblers know
Neither flock nor treasure.
Upon what base
Was fit my measure?
Born of neither
Gold or  nursing mother,
I was lost.
You just shrugged,
Sat down
And stitched another


modified 7-2-18.  “Bleating” changed to “nursing”  LG

Lona Gynt, June 2018

Copyright, All rights reserved to Lona Gynt, June 2018.

Addendum: 6-30-2019. This poem was written as a reflection on the now rescinded Policy of Exclusion regarding children of homosexual couples in my church. This morning I found a tender and insightful post about that policy, In an effort to help us remember and perhaps make further progress I am posting a link to Andrew’s post.


Remember the 5th of November: The LDS LGBT Exclusion Policy & Its Reversal

Orphan shoe2
Posted in response to dVerse Poetry prompt by WhimsyGizmo.  We were invited to post a quadrille that used a form of the word “cobble.”  Here is a link to the prompt:            My poem is dedicated to any who are found by Christ, but may be counted acceptable casualties by his Church.  It is my prayer that keys can be used to open, rather than lock, the doorways to His love.   Lona

25 thoughts on “BTT #33: Orphan Shoe

    1. Thank you, I think it is hard sometimes to see and know as we are seen and known, and we try to fix and cobble people together without really seeing them. I enjoyed this prompt, I did not quite anticipate where it sent me. It was fun, thanks! 🙂


  1. Ah, the joy of pursuing a prompt! This was wildly original, and yet I felt it had the tone of a long-lost Brothers Grimm or that Hans Christian guy. We are all made of original stuff and that’s what makes life on Planet E cool!

    BTW — I’m a third of the way through “As I Lay Dying.” Faulkner rocks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s it, it does feel a bit like Andersen, I was actually thinking a little bit of “The Little Match Girl” this week, how she was alienated and alone, but eventually found. My poem does not get past the first set of matches. I guess he was in my brain for this, but I didn’t realize it until you told me. I am glad you are loving the Faulkner! “Picture This” wasn’t in stock, so it is in the mail. Looking forward to it!


  2. Your cobbler reminds me of my real life cobbler friend who says he’s Buddhist but could be Christ come down too. Cigarette on lip and lacquered, leathery hands, he continues to “stitch another.” An orphan too. I am glad you pointed me to this today. I see we both tagged ours with “alienation.” Actually, I considered that for the title. But how alienated can we really be when we both do this? Your prayer is a blessing too. Amen.

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