BTT #35: Don’t Let Go

At Braves Key West3_001

Don’t Let Go
You know
You say exactly
What you feel.
My swallow heart
Flutters in the
Windless grasp
Of your caress
At twilight.
You say
You feel exactly
What you know.
Please just
Hold me gently.
I swim in
Storms of expectation
Itching for a flight.
All right reserved by Lona Gynt, July 2018.
At Braves Key West4_001
This was posted for Grace’s Quadrille prompt at dVerse.  We were to write a Quadrille that contained a form of the word “itch.”  Here is a link to her prompt.  This is the Seven Year Anniversary/Itch dVerse event.  Grab your Calomine Lotion and check it out at this link below.

Happy 7th Anniversary & Quadrille #60

The Pictures were taken while I was visiting my good friend Amazon Braveheart at her place in Second Life.  She is always building and creating and rearranging her place, but it is always wonderful and she brings a great Spirit of Friendship to the place.  Caught this one when she had it all done up in Key Westiness.  The pictures do not have anything, really, to do with the poem, except maybe they were taken at twilight – Lona.


30 thoughts on “BTT #35: Don’t Let Go

    1. Perhaps Katie this is true. Love swallows hope into her heart, is it digested and amplified? Or subsumed. But she is the greatest of the three Sisters, and she does not itch like Hope, who is just one continuous scratching after what may be just around either corner, but I would not say Love never itches, even when made incarnate, because she would not be herself without knowing what she may have lost she would be just that one long ephemeral stream, pleasant, balanced maybe, but not love. Yet she stays on the ground loving the beating heart of the ground against crisp unknowing skies…
      I love your words friend, they turn me about 💜

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      1. Hi.. Lona.. before i gathered much ability to
        Carry on a Conversation.. i grew up without
        TV where the only Entertainment the
        Elders did is actually Connect
        to Each Other in Words
        of Stories as
        that was
        the only Passing Activity
        of Time then the Connection
        of Human Beings in Verbal and
        Non-Verbal Speak where the Art
        of Moving each other’s Emotions
        was Truly all of the Excitement of the
        Day and After i Lost my Emotions in
        a Middle Age Burn out of Work i marveled
        at my Great Aunt Jettie at 94 and Twice my
        Age then in how every Word She Spoke Twinkled
        an eye and lit up her Smile as the Words Flowed
        Effortlessly and Truly Sounded Like Poetry as
        The Speak of Humans
        often does in
        TV came
        Aboard and became
        the National Pass Time replacing
        Radio then.. oh.. the Oral Tradition of
        Love always Changing as Love is the
        Ocean and the Ocean can and will be
        so Boring without Waves of all kinds
        And Colors to make our Life
        Brilliant in Continuous
        Change for
        while it is
        True that
        Now is Forever
        now there is always
        the Next now of Change
        too otherwise we would Just
        Be a Still Ocean Nothing Below
        or Above Much Happening NoW aS
        i look forward to all the Colors of Waves
        in Life for you are Correct if Love is aLWays
        the Same Love doesn’t even exist for it is the
        Dualities and more in Grey Scale and Color Wheels
        of Life beyond what we see today that make Love the
        Mystery that we continue to Paint as Brush and Master
        Peace Painting too.. And if not for the Shading as the Dark
        Fibers of Painting Still there would be little Depth to Love
        as True
        there is
        below and
        above of the
        Surface of the Ocean
        And we still continue to
        Find new Species of Marine
        Life Within at Deepest Venues
        to Still Explore and True the Inner
        Life of us is so much Bigger than
        that for we can and will IMaGINE and
        Create More Colors of LoVE Endlessly
        Now and Next Now too.. for a Dance and
        Song of Poetry that Never Ends and always
        Changes more..
        That’s what
        i Love
        Love i’ll
        never know it
        all now.. and no
        i don’t want to for
        The New Colors iS
        What Makes HeaVeN aLWays now
        now to me Now ReNeWeD ANeW For Another Flavor
        to Come And Be FoR NoW Evolving Anew LoVENoW..
        And Thanks so Much for the Kind Compliment that my
        Words Turn You About for surely yours are Unique to
        my friEnd and SPiRiT FeLT HeARt CoMinG FRoM
        the Deepest Oceans of an all Natural Soul that
        is you
        For ReaL
        But Always
        A New Exploration
        Coming as the Master
        Peace Painting NoW Is
        NeVeR OVeR Truly LiViNGLoViNGNoW..:)

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    2. “That’s what I love most about love, I’ll never know it now, and no I don’t want to for the new colors what makes heaven always now”. Now that was a big piece of awesomeness there, love those words.

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  1. Arnold

    To complete the pattern:

    You feel
    You know exactly
    What you say

    I suppose that is a compliment for any poet – to express in a way that you are confident you may be understood by those who care to seek understanding.

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    1. The poet puts the words out there, but the second participant in the little dance is the reader. Poems can be so personal that I think it is more important to me as a poet that the reader experience the poem in a way that is meaningful to the reader, this melds to some extent with what the poet intended, but need not lie within a strict template. Ways of reading a poem can usually be as varied as the number of readers who engage with it. A very masterful poet can lead the reader along to a shared experience in a way that is almost opaque to the reader, like a wind filling the sails of a craft. Jane Dougherty, one of our dVerse poets gives an incredible example of this in her lovely septet this week found here:

      Unlike an expository essay, and to a lesser extent a novel, I think a poem seeks to come to some sort of truth in the realm of a shared experience, rather than strict understanding. I appreciate your words and am so glad you have joined me in this little world. 💜


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