22 thoughts on “Puppy

    1. She does NOT have a name yet, it’s my wife’s turn to choose the name, but she has not settled on one yet, and won’t be rushed. We seem to call her Little Girl and Pup a lot, wouldn’t surprise me if those end up the name by default. Also Doyoowanna Eeteggin was suggested. 😉


    1. I thought about Grushenka… but it’s not my turn to name the dog.. my sweetie is taking her time. Oh well. I saw you featured your dog on your post too, but your offering is erudite, eloquent, and poignant. All I could muster is pixelated cuteness. Loved taffeta, much that resonated for me with it.

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      1. I wish I could portray the dog in pixelated cuteness and not look at her as if she’s constantly judging me! And a dog — or anyone, for that matter — sometimes needs time for the right name to come. We took a few days to name our little lab after a Nepalese mountain town we love to say. Now her nickname is “Beshi.”

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