Tienemen please
30 years ago today.  Tiananmen means Gate of Heavenly Peace.



All Rights Reserved, Lona Gynt, June 4th 2019.  Thirty Years later….   All rights reserved, all rights preserved, all brave ones not to be forgotten, they stood and died for us all.  Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Tiananmen

  1. Therisa Godwaldt

    I was starting to prep for my grade 12 second semester exams, when news of the Tianannen Square crackdown reached Canada. For me, Patrick Brown, of the CBC, will always be the narrative voice, of this Chinese demand for democracy. Even now, I hear him, describing the lone protester, standing before the tank and stopping it.

    Welcome back, Lona, have missed you, not posting your thoughts and poetry.

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    1. Thank you Therisa, still working my way back. The courage of these people needs to be honored. Children in China don’t know of it, and even here, the first three people who I mentioned it to (each under 40), had not been aware of it. We can’t let the memory be erased, democracy dies in silence.


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