BTT #56: I am worried about Jessica


transflag sky
I was happy to see that the colors of the transgender flag can also appear in the sky, Just like Rainbows do.  Each of them reflects God’s patience and love in my mind.

I am pleased and grateful to be able to announce that I have had a posting accepted by the Blog Site “By Common Consent.”

Here is the link:


I Am Worried about Jessica.


It is dedicated to,  well…  “Jessica.”  May you know that God keeps you and us and knows our travails.


12 thoughts on “BTT #56: I am worried about Jessica

    1. Thank you Merril, I am especially glad that you have seen this. It is the closest thing I could have written to coincide with your invitation to participate in the project last year about tolerance and avoiding bullying/ sexual harassment in schools, but I know it wouldn’t fit the parameters of that project. Did the project work out well?

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      1. Thank you, Lona. I’m still working on the book. The manuscript is due soon. (Gulp!) I think I found enough contributors for that one chapter–though nothing about trans-related sexual harassment. Hope all goes well with you in your continuing journey.

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  1. Grace

    Those cis persons who truly desire a deeper understanding of the experience of the trans person must do the work. Asking you, Lona, questions is a good first step. Seek out more stories about trans individuals. Listen to the stories told by their parents. Look up scientific information and commentary like the “Jessica” post. Watch “I am Jazz.” Or Chaz Bono’s story. He talks about puberty and the way his body betrayed him with these BREASTS. An assigned-female friend prayed for breast cancer (starting around age 10, after puberty began) so they could have their breasts removed. And so on.

    Puberty blockers are such a blessing!

    Signed, friend to many amazing trans and nonbinary people — Mom to AFAB nonbinary 23 year old. And I wouldn’t trade the person my child is for anything.

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    1. Thank you my friend. Grace, I am so grateful you have seen my post and for your kind and insightful commentary! Thank YOU SO very much. Coming to terms with something outside of a lived experience does take… work. But that is also part of the joy, to increase perspective on one’s horizons. It is important to hear the experiences of transpersons, it is also important to hear the experiences of cis persons in their journeys with their loved ones and experiences, so I am so grateful for your advice. It is true, we would not want to trade our love for a lesser periphery, love is at the center of understanding, Thank you again my friend.


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