BTT #57: Love Is Not A Square

Guitar Love is not a square

Love is Not a Square


Love will not

Hold you

In a box

Or claim your

Past, or mark you

Waiting out

Far off.


It just embraces

Where lines of

Frets and strings

Curve to pluck

A tightened sound

From softened edges

And patient circling

Of one eternal round.


-Lona Gynt,  June 2019


Update on  9-9-2019:  I have chosen to dedicate this to Melody and Haley on their wedding today.  This was written originally under more random circumstances, but I wish them both every joy.  Love you both, hope to see you soon.  Lona.

Posted for the dVerse Quadrille hosted by Kim.  Here is the link.

Quadrille #82 – Fretboard of Poetry

The magic word is “fret.”

All rights reserved for text to Lona Gynt

Image is by Avishek Dey of Pixabay.  Permissions for non-commercial use, but I did buy them a cup of coffee  🙂

Guitar Love is not a square

Recited at Out Loud Huntsville, Open Mic Night 12-22-19.  This is what I wore  🙂

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11 thoughts on “BTT #57: Love Is Not A Square

  1. I love the progression from square to round, and the shift from short to longer lines. My favourite lines are:
    ‘…lines of
    Frets and strings
    Curve to pluck
    A tightened sound’,
    which made me think of two paintings by Picasso, ‘Man with Guitar’ and ‘The Old Guitarist’. The lines also evoked the sound of a bent string.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the contrast of the “embrace of lines of fret and strings” that “curve to pluck a tightened sound” – you’ve incorporated sound and touch into this imagery and it’s fabulous!

    Liked by 1 person

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