BTT #61: This Is Not A Puzzle

Cascade Springs 2
Cascade Springs, Wasatch Mountains, Utah, USA.  Photo by Lona Gynt.


This Is Not A Puzzle

Those who hunger,

Are filled.

Those who are empty,


Those who love,

Empty themselves.

Where nothing’s lost

Nothing must be found.

Pride is not pulled down,

But freckles in sunlight

Of love’s voice,

The only




Posted for dVerse, Quadrille #84, hosted by Mish.  A Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words (not including the title) that contains a form of a specified prompt word.  Mish’s magic word this go round is “freckle.”  Here is the link to the dVerse prompt.


Quadrille #84


This poem is also in part an impulsive response to the beautiful Sestina by Victoria C. Slotto called The Castle Within.  I found it a masterful example of form and spirit and movingly beautiful.  In the comments you will find my rough draft (more than 44 words) fingered into my phone at 3:45 this morning, thoughts still dusky as to why I couldn’t sleep.  Victoria’s poem was an ample reward for the insomnia.  Here is the link.



And now for a word from our sponsors: our good friends from the vanity and property department:

All rights reserved for text and photos to Lona Gynt, July 2019.  So there!

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Cascade Springs 1
Cascade Springs, Wasatch Mountains, Utah, USA.  Photo by Lona Gynt.

15 thoughts on “BTT #61: This Is Not A Puzzle

    1. That is the beautiful thing about filling empty spaces, YOU get to choose what fills it. Interesting question though, I guess the only thing that can fill emptiness are the sinews that bind us together?

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    2. Therisa Godwaldt

      Lona, there is grace and beauty, in the photos that accompany your poetry. Of the type that humanity tries to imprisons, within narrow confines that steals the message, we’re blessed to witness. One day, we maybe granted, the opportunity to see clearly, what’s truly before us.

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      1. Thank you Theresa. Cascade Springs is a favorite place of mine close to my childhood home. Such places are fragile, and are lives are less if we cannot truly see them for what they are, just we all need to See each other in this world as well.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this all day. So interesting. I think of emptiness as a negative thing, but you turn that on its head. Here, it’s about anticipation, or a state of readiness, or grace. It’s really stayed with me.

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    1. Thank you Sarah, I think that is well said. Victoria’s poem got me started, and it has excercised me. I like readiness and grace, to that I might add generosity. I have been very focused on myself lately, It has been first a survival impetus, but then have raised the bar to thriving, which is a joy. But to realize emptiness as a possibility, a potentiality, is intriguing, if you are an overflowing vessel, you may have exceeded your purpose? I don’t know, but I think it does come back to where we are for each other in this world.

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  2. I like the perspective that emptiness can make room for something new. This would be a good message to send out to those suffering,desperate and alone, even suicidal. The empowerment of filling the void with your own agenda, the trajectory of your choice…could save a life.

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    1. An important and tender perspective Mish. I have suffered from such desperation, and have been close to suicide several times in the past. I have actually felt more joy as I have shed many of the expectations about this life and my place in it, allowing me to express more fully who I am. It can be terrifying, like CS Lewis said, Aslan is not a tame lion.


      1. Judgement speaks loudly. Just finding the strength to silence it in our minds is a feat in itself. Making space for our own expectations is a healthy path. So glad you listened to your heart and are here to share your perspectives. That’s courage, my friend.

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