BTT #62: ‘Enouement

Morning Glories
Mapleton, Utah.   Photo by Lona Gynt.


We cannot touch,

But I feel

Your starlight voice


In rows

Of each choice

And strife.

I must forgive you,

But cannot, where

Morning Glories

Wake from

Tangled vines


I can only

Thank you

For waiting,

Waking daily,

And saving

Our life.

Posted for dVerse Quadrille Monday hosted by De Jackson, (aka WhimsyGizmo).  The magic word is “voice.”  Here is the link:

Quadrille #85 – Raising our Poetic Voices

If you want the definition of Ènouement look here:

If you want the heart of  Ènouement look at this comic by the amazing Samantha Richardson:

All rights for text and photo to Lona Gynt, August 2019.

29 thoughts on “BTT #62: ‘Enouement

  1. I didn’t know that word. It’s not far from dénouement which I suppose means literally un knotting, so énouement would be knotting, which is like the vines of morning glories waking and unravelling. Circles and straight lines, like the meteor shower last night…

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    1. I think it is a new word, I was not familiar with it until someone showed me the accompanying comic that inspired me. I think it was first made up as part of the poetic “Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows,” project started by John Koenig, in which an emotionfor which there is no descriptive term is made to fill a hole in the language. I can see where is dervies beautifully from d’enoument, the knotting together of complex event to a conclusion, where ‘enouement is more of a not-knotted (rather than unknotted). The ennui of not being able to tie a clear know with yourself, not to have a resolution, but rather a tangle. I found the comic beautiful for the thankfulness the girl gave to her former self, despite the tangles. Thank you for your insight, d’enouement certainly may be whence Koening et al sculpted it. I hope it finds wide usage and is granted the status by the Blue Fairy of being turned from a Pinnochio into a real word, it has been meaningful to me.

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    1. Thank you De. I battled Morning Glory weeds as a child in our raspberry rows, having to unravel them from the thorny canes to pull it at the root.
      I am glad you mentioned the comic… It was like the artist opened up my brain and painted it. The right quadrille word sealed the deal. Thank you dear.


    1. This is true. The framing of the past can change the future…to be able to be grateful for the efforts and even blunders of the past can be liberating. appreciate your insight always Bjorn.


  2. Thank you for sharing the word and the comic strip (I can understand how that speaks to your heart), as well as your poem. I love starlight voice–it’s such a lovely magical image, but it also conjure the voice we might hear alone at night or even in our dreams. I like what Kerfe and Björn said, too. Time fascinates me, and there are so many ifs to life–other paths we could have taken–or our ancestors could have taken. At the same time, we also see things differently about our own pasts as we get older.

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  3. My brother has texted me some wonderful comments on this poem and I want to preserve them here:

    Brother: You took Morning Glory (aka “the bane of my existence”) and made it part of something beautiful!

    Me: Thought you would like that

    Brother: I think our shared experience in the raspberries makes your poem seem like it was written for only me to fully comprehend. I know that is not how poetry works. Many different readers will experience it in many different ways – as they should.
    But I see the rows of choice.
    And I untangle the raveling vines.
    And I am witness to both the teenage boy and the adult woman – so I am able to watch as enouement happens. 🙂

    Me: my brother is an angel


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