BTT #67: Dispossession

Winter Flint
Flint River/Hays Nature Preserve in Northern Alabama



Have we ever

Been there

Where the long and

Careful winding

Of the river

Lifts and carries

Our craft or cares

Or conscience to a

Landing never seen

Or heard of

In the quiet

Vespers of either

Prophecies or dreams?

Do we ever leap

Above the current

Or just even gently

Press against the stream

Of daily bread

And persistent need?


Or can we ever

Sit there soft and still

And silent for

For a moment’s

Kiss of breathing

Letting sounds of rain

Cradle our sleep

And waking­


a n d


j  u  s  t


s    i    m    p    l    y


b       e



    • All rights for test and photos to Lona Gynt, February 2020.

I took four random words from random page numbers from New Yorker Magazine, “disposessed, river, there, been” and tried to build my poem around the sounds as the primary focus.

Posted for Open Link Night over at dVerse Poet’s Pub hosted by Lillian.  Here is the link.


Read at Outloud Huntsville Open Mic on 10-16-2022

she looks blue
Hays Nature Preserve in Northern Alabama

22 thoughts on “BTT #67: Dispossession

  1. Lovely, Lona:
    “In the quiet
    Vespers of either
    Prophecies or dreams”
    and the “kiss of breathing” and rain sounds. . .
    Have we, do we, can we. . .? I hope so, otherwise, what is the point? 🙂

    That nature preserve looks beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I adore this, Lona! The title “dispossession” is perfect as we discard the trappings and we let ourselves “just be.”
    Have you heard of the Simplicity movement? I believe there is even a magazine named Simplicity which seems an oxymoron since it is a corporate magazine with ads etc….but it is about decluttering our lives and not just of things. Sometimes it is a challenge to “just be.” And then, I think, for some who are not as fortunate, it is hell to “just be”.

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  3. marionette


    I’ve recently been thinking of Clayton Christensen, and his inquiry of us all…in that we ponder …

    “How will you measure your life?”

    This reflection upon my own life is yet to be determined, as the day isn’t yet done, and with my adhd, a day at a time is all I can truly measure… 😉 lol…

    Truth be told, musing upon my days is rather uneventful compared to the fabulous life of Lona!

    Our family has meaningful conversations about this fabulous life of Lona’s …which we ‘think’ we know of… 😉 haha.. ikr?

    But of what we do know, we very much hope, that as Lona is giving measurement to her life… up until this point…

    That she will be most pleased with the fulfillment of her initial high expectations and specifications.

    And now…
    In this transition year of 2020, we wonder if there will be new Lona expectations and specifications?

    We propose that No,
    Not new, not at all !!

    We venture to guess that Lona’s specs will be the very same.

    She will continue with confidence and the genuine pursuit of hope, faith, excellence & kindness… with the much anticipated sparkle and shine.
    ☆ 😀 !

    Our family loves you Ms. Lona.
    Bestest wishes for your continued, well measured life.

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      1. marionette

        You’re very brave and an inspiration … a pioneer of finding the path of intregrity in a circumstance that most cannot comprehend.
        Thank you for inviting us into this, your safe space.
        All of us are, that we might have joy.

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