Tienemen please
31 years ago today.  Tiananmen means Gate of Heavenly Peace.

As voices are heard in our country demanding justice and protection of rights and life by those sworn to serve and protect, remember the nameless who died in Tiananmen. Their story cannot be seen or heard in China where they tried to stand. A Lone man stood down a tank, we do not know his name. Hong Kong passed a law today criminalizing the act of ridiculing the Chinese national anthem. Our own democracy hangs in the balance as we stand against the death of George Floyd and others and call on a more equitable justice in our land. I grieve for George Floyd’s family but am glad that we know his name. May we have change, may we have peace.

Black Lives Matter

Democracy dies in silence.


All Rights Reserved, Lona Gynt, June 4th 2020.  Thirty-one Years later….   All rights reserved, all rights preserved,, all brave ones not to be forgotten, they stood and died for us all.  Thank you.

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