Guest Post: What you did. By Carly Danyel

What you did.


It seems I’ve been running, running all my life

Only slowing occasionally to catch my breath or glimpse the world’s beauty

Daily I press onward, setting new goals and chasing after new deadlines

Moving forward without reflection.


I guess I had never really set time aside for recollection.

That is until that day…

T h a t day…



It was that day I realized just what had been taken from me

Those precious moments of my youth

A time for role models to help or develop a child or…

Break them?


I wanted to reflect on those wonderful years. I really did!

I really did!

But somewhere in the middle of freeze tag, kick the can, and mud pies

There are times I don’t want to remember at all.


My childhood, sealed and stored in a hazy fog

somewhere in the back of my brain.

Not because of what I’ve done, but because of what you did


… And you know what you did.


Carly Danyel. March 2020. All rights reserved.


I am honored to have my dear Carly contribute a guest post on my site. This is being posted at dVerse Open Link Night hosted by Lillian. Here is the link.



10 thoughts on “Guest Post: What you did. By Carly Danyel

  1. So glad to have Carly join us! This poem is chilling. That final statement carries carries so much weight….deeds unsaid in those words, but attributed to that one person the write is speaking to. Very powerful.

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    1. Yes, I also really felt the weight in her poem, but also a certain lightness that comes with attribution and recognition, the last two lines are a Volta for me, a shift. I loved her poem. Recognizing and accountability can help to diffuse the weights we carry.

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  2. Wow–that last line! If I had just read that, it sounds like something from a horror/thriller novel, but in this context, someone who stole away Carly’s childhood, it’s still chilling, but in a different way. Yet–there’s also a sense of strength before that–the strength of a survivor. As Kerfe says, a barrier has been removed.

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