BTT 30.2: A Question for Little Things (Ars Poetica)

This is a rerun, first post in 4-18-2020. 🙂


Blubell Trail
Paul at dVerse had a prompt last week (April 2018) for Ars Poetica (The Art of Poetry).  Well I am new and I am slow so I missed the deadline, but have entered this through Grace’s hosting of an open link night.  I am glad to have found this “friendly bunch of poets.”  Here is an Ars Poetica brought to you by this friendly bunch of bluebells that greets me each Spring on the muddy sinks.  I hope you enjoy my first dVerse offering.  Lona.

­A Question for Little Things (Ars Poetica)

­I rise each year on a

Dark March morning

To descend steeply down the

Trail treading steady

Between still sleeping leafless

Trees to wrap my

Own first breath of Spring

In a green blanket of

Southern bluebells

Draped across black soil of

The muddy sinks where the

Blue and sometime pink flowers

Flit in a sharp breeze

And seem a misplaced

Intrusion against the

Silver grey light

Found just before the dawn.

These are a sign of

Early warmth spreading and then

Breaking apart the secrets of

The mountain chill

That has not just yet

Decided it is quite

Prepared to die.


­I kneel to get a

Clearer vision of their

Bodies, the veins and

Filaments, and am

Surprised to see

A round and shining drop of

Morning dew

Nesting within the

Slow open hand of a

Deep velvet leaf.

­I am drawn and soon

The dust and splinters of

Shattered stars floating there

Are opened to my view

Bending the early lights

Of their living

Sister sun.


­­I rest between breathings

Swimming then just drifting

In this ocean, and finally

Sink toward the peaks

Of clouds anchored

In the hidden stream.

­I find myself first

Asking and then becoming

A question as to whether

This little drop of morning

Simply reflects

Or does it see

Or even joins

Heaving into itself the vast

Expanse of heaven and

The endless blue

Horizon of

Distant silent sky?­  


  • Lona Gynt  April 2018.
Little drop of morning
…little drop of morning …  distant silent sky.

Posted on Open Link Night #218 hosted by Grace at the fabulous dVerse Poets pub.  Here is a link! You will love it… I think.  Hey, that rhymed!  

OpenLinkNight #218

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