BTT 71.2: In the music of a quiet morning.

I married my sweet Carly Danyel yesterday. I read this poem at our wedding, so I am reposting it again today. LOVE YOU SWEET CARLY BIRD!!!

In the Music of a Quiet Morning


In the music of a quiet morning

I am listening to small creatures

Singing in the threatened line of trees

Hiding darkly between

Growing rows of houses.


I could still be asleep

As the lullabies spring

From the leaves.

But I am called into waking,

And like these chirping birds

And frogs and cicadas,

I must also answer

To the scratching thirsts

And hungers of the day.


I think about stacks of paper,

And the meetings,

And all the little fires

That need tending, and the

Press of eyes and whispers and

The ever-circling shadows

And the lists and times

And seasons unlocking

Carefully waiting

Gates of grace,

And I must wonder,

Whether any one thing

Insufficient to itself

Against the need

Is ever truly

Counted free.


I let these questions

Simply fall away as your

Hand moves silently into mine,

Holding neither my fingers

Or my fears, or my shame,

But just my heart.

And I know that

Whatever befalls us

Here in the singing stillness

Between the times,

When you see me,

I am not erased.


-Lona Gynt, July 2020. All rights Reserved for text and photos.

.Yesterday I married Carly Danyel. So I am reposting this here. I love you my sweet wife.

Posted to dVerse Poetics Pub Hosted by the Grace. Grace invites us to provide a poem in the first person, that must use the phrase “I am.” Here is the link.

.MTB: I am, The First Person Narrative

To Carly:, who told me: “A blessing is to find someone who will hold your heart in their hand, and treat it like it is the only thing that matters.”

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