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Updated 10-17-22


My name is Lona Gynt.  Welcome to my sparkly dark little world.  I am a resident of Second Life where I have been distributing a blog-type-thingy to some of my friends that I have met there.  Now I am distributing it to any of my 7 billion other friends who might be interested.

When I started this blog I was a believing devout Mormon.  A lot of the early posts are from that perspective.

I have made mistakes, they have made mistakes.
I shave sinned, they have sinned.

Eventually they let me go.

I have let them go. In the words of Laura Jane Grace: we’re both at fault, we’re both to blame. 🎶🎶

I am no longer a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I am just me (I like me).

To the extent that being a Mormon raised in Utah is an ethnicity, I remain an ethnic Mormon, recognizing that it is in me and a part of me, and remains meaningful to me.

I have learned both cruelty and kindness from Mormondom, and have been a practitioner of both. I hope the kindness in both sides will tend to predominate.

I believe in receiving and giving grace, but I think this pertains to this moment right now, and am not sure about an accompanying eschatological overdrive, but if there is, I think that kindness will have to win.

Lona Gynt is a pseudopseudonym.

My real name is Lona Hope Haskell

   I live in Alabama.  I am a physician.  I enjoy Scrabble but no one hardly ever plays it with me.  I can juggle very badly for long periods of time.


  1. I used to say you should start at the beginning post and work your way forward. This is mostly because I am a vain and self-centered little thang who can’t stand the thought of someone not hangin’ on her every word.  I think of y’all like my very small little group of adorable minions, but this is I think that was a silly recommendation.  There are a some of the posts that are heavy in biographical narrative that make more sense in order, but mostly it doesn’t matter at all.  I will give the two serials with respective order, and the rest just swim around happy.
  2. BTT’s #3, 5, 7, and 10 are a series on Faith Hope and Charity and a Postscript tying it all together and how it saved me from Suicide.   BTT’s  14, 15, 17, and 19 is a series on dreams and the impact on my struggle against self-directed transphobia.  Both of these series would not make as much sense as they otherwise wouldn’t have if you do not read them in order.  Otherwise just swim around happy.
  3. BTT stands for Blog-Type-Thingy (it’s true! it does –  you can look it up at the following link:  https://lonagynt.wordpress.com/about-2/
  4. You can scroll to the bottom of my website to find a link to follow the Blog via e-mail.  Other bloggers can click the link at the side of the home page to follow via wordpress.  Go ahead – do it, follow me, you’ll like it, everybody’s doing it, you’ll be cool!
  5. When I use the word “everybody” in this blog it just might not refer actually to everybody in a literal sense.
  6. Same goes for the word “cool”
  7. If you like what you read in my blog, you can actually click on the little star thingy that says like.  Don’t be shy – go ahead, it feels good  (whispers:  especially for me).
  8. Comments are welcome.  Go ahead, don’t be shy – but do try to be at least less misanthropic as I myself am (ok, so maybe sometimes do be a little shy
  9. Although I affirm All Rights Reserved etc for text of my blog, I am ok with attributed re-blogging of my posts – in fact I am sure for some people it happens all the time (sigh).  🙂
  10. Remember the eleventh commandment:  Thou shalt not label anything as an eleventh commandment.
  11. Ok ok, so remember the twelfth commandment: Be nice.
  12. Okey… enough about me, now lets talk about me…  Enjoy the Blog.
  13.  Here is my current alarm ring tone.

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