Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: Response to a comment.

I was honored to have been able to participate as a guest author on the Blogsite "By Common Consent" to share some of my perspectives and concerns about the experience of being Transgender and Mormon.  Here is the link to that post: · https://bycommonconsent.com/2019/06/18/i-am-worried-about-jessica/ · I also enjoyed the opportunity to respond to the broad …

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25 days of joy, constraint, & my holiday brain: Day four.

Visit “Ornamental Illness” to catch one of my favorite writers, Chris Fay, fleshing out days of joy in a “holiday brain” series that is wry, ironic, and subtly earnest as well. Chris’ writing is conversational, taut, wry, wickedly funny, and always also seems to end up somewhere inextricably beautiful. Each piece seems to start with an expectation of ennui and effacement, but cannot stay there. He has too much love for the beautiful to sustain a winking pretense of smarm, and you find that the accretion of charm leads you before you are aware of it, to the great satisfaction of the landing.  I always get some chuckles and smiles from his work, as well as a sense that the world might be better than what the evidence would otherwise suggest.


Ornamental Illnesses

The album art, especially the lyrics, for Goodbye Yellow Brick Road because Grooving Is Fundamental.


In my seven-year old opinion the finest turntable that folded out of a wall was made by NuTone Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio. Only the truly civilized had turntables that folded out of a paneled wall. The first time I saw a turntable that just sat on a shelf, doing nothing, I was confused.

Strathmore was the eighteenth subdivision built by Levitt & Sons on Long Island. Situated on 677 acres on both sides of Exit 50, Bagatelle Road, in Dix Hills, they built 560 homes on large lots with no sidewalks. To get to the subdivision’s pool, you had to cross over the Long Island Expressway.

Most of my world consisted of one of four colonial-adjacent floor plans: the Endicott, the Fairfield, the Judson ranch, and ours, the five-bedroom Valbrook. Neighbors my parents did not…

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Travel with Tosha to a place of quiet contrasts, peace, reconciliation. One of my favorite poems, opens the antithetical interiors of a quiet afternoon by the sea to the sweeping pathways of the the hearts breezeway. I love this. So I am reblogging it.  Link on in to it and get swept. Thanks Tosha, Lona

Everything I Never Told You

I am not she.
The view is not the same.
I sit by roses but don’t
see the thorns.
Even after all these years,
still full of the blush
of wonder

My air is warm, fragrant.
My heart speaks of
watercolor nights and
a breathless yearning.

I’m wild for you, but not
afflicted. I recite charms
through verse and song
by a bending light.

I speak in sunlight even
when the cumuli
starts to gather. Lying
face down in the grass.
Hope imprinted on my cheek.

My heart bleeds in syntax.
Just a gleaming of my
streaming soul. Writing what
touches me best.
Love. Fear. Happenstance.
A trembling mind.

The punctuation peppered
with sea salt and caramel.

I steadfastly sit by the ocean
as the boats drift away.
I choose to contend with the
wind. Making a symphony
with the air.

Chopin playing against
the elements and tide.
Never just…

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BTT #29: Preface and Grace

Editor's Note:  (meow) This post starts pleasantly enough, but I need to warn you that it might be a trigger of sadness or anxiety for victims of abuse, assault, or rape. · Preface:  Hello this is HarveyCat, Lona's sometime Bodyguard, Conscience, Accountant, Therapist, Public Relations Coordinator, and Editor.  On a late night this last week …

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BTT #19: Three Dreams, Part 3 – Roots and Blossom Petals

¸¸¸ Dream of Cica:  Roots From Lona's self-proclaimed dictionary...  Conscious Life: n,adj,adv,v, gerund, past-participle, future participle, particle participle, part-icicle- in fact without it there would not be any part of speech... so in a way, life is everything, including any darn part of speech you can think of, but anyway.... Harvey growls that I am digressing even …

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BTT #7. Life on the Wasatchassippi: Love and the Descent into Heaven

Author's note: 12-24-18.  My wife has made a very reasonable request that certain details regarding my perceptions of her personal outlook and thoughts in regards to the issues in this post not be made public, so the red x spaces represent a redaction.  I do want to say that my wife of more than thirty …

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