The perfect Mother’s Day poem from the incomparable Amaya Engleking of Gospel Isosceles. I am thankful for a Mother who still breathes with me, and for the Mother of my children, who still cradles their hearts.

Gospel Isosceles

Let breath be held and time rest still
When winter lands with her soft kiss
A plum linnet taps windowsill
As breath is held and time rests still
Mother and child witness her chill
Blanketing this holy fortress

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Everyone needs to see this poem by Amaya, my long winded ramblings about it in the comments not so much. Ok everybody get ready to go a little limp in love…

Gospel Isosceles


I’m a ragdoll, carried by my God

I hear Jesus speak

Speak in a language I do not know

He takes my limp hand in his

Looks at my thumbnail

Addresses the atoms by name

I understand

They are neither male nor female

Like God or colors

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