BTT #27: Dresden and the Furies

  Dresden and the Furies· We seek the dead Within our dreams And pinching writhe our Memory with a blade. That night Three women Gathered children Dancing in your winds, Stained red Above the screams. · - Lona Gynt,  January 1990. All rights reserved for text  


BTT #26: A Wish For My Children

  A Wish For My Children · For you, my children, I hope you can always greet The sunrise, where the Bright glow of the hidden Fire kisses and Then patiently subdues the Gently yielding darkness Only to descend again Later into the waiting Arms of evening and the Silent shroud of Listening night. · This …

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BTT #25: HarveyCat – Medical Transcriptionist

  Hello This is HarveyCat.  My human girl Lona has been suffering from rider's block lately.  I am too regally confident and self -assured to casually admit that I don't know what that is, but I think that it must involve some combination of dark chocolate and episodes of The Good Place.  Anyway, it also …

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BTT #24: Life after Hate

Have you ever met a monster?  Have you ever been a monster, and if so how did you know?  Have you ever thought about what it takes to find out? The following is an excerpt from an interview by David Greene with Christian Picciolini on National Public Radio.  Mr. Picciolini is a former white supremacist skinhead.  He has undergone …

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BTT #23: Poetry Afterparty and review for 2017… AND A CONTEST!!

Okay, okay... like the proverbial lemming, I am going to also do a review list for 2017.  For a few days near the end of every year we are beset with end-of-the year lists and reviews about what was hot-or-not for this-and-that as the nearly finished year approaches the cliff of a final calendar page.  …

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BTT #22: Which story is which…?

      One season, two stories.  Which story is which...? This story may have been told us from before our first footsteps, and rests in our first memories. This story told of gifts that are given secretly and silently at a high price, but for no cost to receive. This story seems to fill …

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BTT #21: Real NEWSpeak and Fake NEWSpeak at the Seedy Sea.

  First:  Here is some recent Real News that does not make much sense: "The Trump administration is prohibiting officials at the nation’s top public health agency from using a list of seven words or phrases — including “fetus” and “transgender” — in official documents being prepared for next year’s budget.  Policy analysts at the …

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BTT #20: Tough and Wonderful Day(s)

Rezzing... Rezzing. I arrive at my sandy parcel.. "Mom's Littel Spot" in Elysium early on Thanksgiving morning 2017.  The scent of a triple berry pie is wafting from the real life kitchen.  I am still in that awkward moment of SL rezzing when my face is visible, but my torso is still trying to materialize and is blinking in and out discombobulated perpendicular …

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BTT #19: Three Dreams, Part 3 – Roots and Blossom Petals

¸¸¸ Dream of Cica:  Roots From Lona's self-proclaimed dictionary...  Conscious Life: n,adj,adv,v, gerund, past-participle, future participle, particle participle, part-icicle- in fact without it there would not be any part of speech... so in a way, life is everything, including any darn part of speech you can think of, but anyway.... Harvey growls that I am digressing even …

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Found my first re-blog. Just had to share this. Enjoy the wonderful Tosha.

Everything I Never Told You

In a universe where the train of
knowledge is slowly coming derailed
And the footnotes of historical understanding are being written in Morose Code
where SOS looks more like SOOL
And the landscape is being erased
with swooping disregard.
Is there still hope justified?
Does humanity deserve revisions?
Hasn’t the plot been rewritten a
thousand times?
Maybe the story’s moral is
keep weaving until reason is found
Disappointed love is still love.
And a pen beating against a desk
can still be struck by the wind

-Tosha Michelle

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