BTT #47: Why Do We Lie?


Why Do We Lie?

Lying lends
Breath to power,
Unleashing wolves
Any whelp
Hefting truth
Into the air.
Lying lends
Space for love,
Delicately tangling
In loam
Between us,
But twisting
Underneath the sun.
And, Oh yeah,
Almost forgot…
Sometimes it’s just plain fun.

– 😏 Lona Gynt

I have been all existential and angsty and Kierkegaardian lately and it can get a tad heavy and sheesh! did you see my poem about Goya!?!?  What was I thinking!  Well a good antidote for such times is to ask WWDPD?  (What would Dorothy Parker do?).  So I am trying to be like Dorothy a wee bit to lighten up a tad.  Just kidding about lying being fun… trust me  😏.

This is posted for Lillian’s Quadrille Monday for dVerse.  A quadrille is simply a poem of 44 words, (not including the title) that also contains a specified prompt word.  Lillian instructs us to use a form of the word “spoil.”  Join us on the dVerse trail to get all the Thanksgiving poetry food before it…  well, you know…  becomes less than fresh.  Here is the link:

Spoiler Alert!

If you would like an example of what Dorothy Parker would really do, check out the following link, she is a much better Dorothy Parker than I am, she always makes me SMILE!

© All rights reserved, photo and text, Lona Gynt, November 2018.

Recited at Out Loud Huntsville, Open Mic Night 12-22-19.  this is what I wore  🙂

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37 thoughts on “BTT #47: Why Do We Lie?

  1. From the influences of Kirkegaard to Dorothy Parker, I am lovin’ it. Can understand the heaviness of existential reveries — I have been in a constant state for years now. Ha!

    I really like your entanglement with something as innate as empathy perhaps — lies and lying find their presence everywhere, sometimes out of wickedness and sometimes out of love. For some, it can be plain fun too, and for some, a kind of a necessity because certain truths are not acceptable in the society that we live in. And thanks for the link to One Perfect Rose; it made me giggle. ❤ 🙂

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    1. There is a serious flip side to the playing, empathy can be an almost daily source for little white lies, for me the lying to protect myself from the pack is a tender issue, so glad that you noticed the ironic inversion. Always enjoy your warmly thoughtful insights, and I am ecstatic to share a DP giggle with ya 😀


    1. It was fun to try to intimate so many facts of it into 44 words, I thought about going meta, and sneaking a 45th word in and then denying it was there, but I don’t want to be a fake Quadrille outlet. Thanks Lillian


      1. was good to come visit you too! yes lies can have such long term effects, loved your approach to the prompt. busy days have kept me from writing but finding some time to read all the contributions.

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  2. We lie because we’re human and, though sometimes it is so that we don’t hurt someone else, I think most of the time it is so that they do not hurt us over whatever it is we’re lying about. We’re ashamed of what we’ve done, so we lie to cover it up. These things eventually come to light.

    Scary thought, that, isn’t it?

    Have a blessed day.

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    1. Very insightful Suzanne. Things do come to light, even painful truths fester in the loam and have their effect, a bit like inflammation. The longer they have festered, the larger the wound and the damage when they are brought to light. It is hard being human sometimes, isn’t it? I think the best we can strive for is to seek to combine honesty with kindness, we have a long way to go to get there, don’t we. I really 💜 your commentary on this! Blessings also to you.

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  3. Therisa Godwaldt

    Lying is, for some people, a safety valve that lets them, deal with the harsh reality of life, like poverty, ill health, and abuse. For others, it’s mental health problem that they recognize, as having. Living in their own delusional world, like some politicians.

    Sometimes, we lie to spare the feelings of a love one or a close friend. Knowing, if we spoke the truth, it would hurt, badly.

    Am sure, there are more reasons out there, that neither of us, have thought of, but are also valid reasons.

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  4. “Lying lends / Space for love / …But twisting / Spoiling / Withering / Underneath the sun.” How accurate. People lie to get what they want, but it doesn’t last. And what a surprise ending! Yes, lying can be fun—until you get caught. 🙂

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