BTT #65: Excommunicado





Fifteen faces

Study me kindly.

Their care weighs

On me.

Do they know

Me really

Beyond one or two?

Does God still

Want me?

Once we joined

Music filling voids

Between stars.

I hear now only

Pierced hands

Pressing quiet

On my

Beating heart.

-Lona Gynt,  February 2020.


This is posted in response to the Quadrille prompt by De Jackson (Whimsy Gizmo) at dVerse Poet’s Pub.  The assigned word is “fill.”  Come on over and get yours.  Here is the Link!  🙂


Quadrille #97 – Filling the Page


All rights reserved for text to Lona Gynt, February 2020.  The pictures were taken by me during a visit by my Second Life Avatar to the seminal exhibit “Dreamers” in Second Life by Cica Ghost.  I miss that exhibit, y’all need a taste of something that was beautiful and now is gone forever.  Here is is.



dreamers ballon giants

33 thoughts on “BTT #65: Excommunicado

    1. Thorns have their place, even when self inflicted. When something has been important to a person, it can be worthwhile to have some accountability. I was treated kindly, and I hope the hope and peace comes through. Thank you my friend, I have missed y’all.

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    1. The best Second life exhibits are like an extended frost: stunning, delicate, and doomed never to persist. No artist has ever executed that medium, in my opinion, better than Cica Ghost. Try some of my Cica Ghost taglines for some additional appreciations. 💕. So good to be back here again.

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  1. Caroline G.

    This is beautiful, and even though I can’t help but be a little sad, I’m so glad you’ve found peace and comfort. 💖

    I yelled with excitement when I saw you had a new post. I’m working on writing some creative nonfiction after all (maybe?! I think?!), but I haven’t finished anything yet, so my brand new blog remains empty.

    Love you!

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    1. Thank you Jane. The people were a disciplinary council from my church, but they really were acting in my case more like a support group in some ways. Comforting more than judging. Still, it was tender. I appreciate for your comments regarding the pace of the poem, the constraints of the Quadrille actually helped me with that. Thank you my friend.


    1. Yes. And the more intense the question, the less likely there is to be an answer except for what one can feel in her gut. All the walls have been spun down for me now, all I am left with are threads. I need a rope.

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