BTT #27: Dresden and the Furies


Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt…

Dresden and the Furies·

We seek the dead

Within our dreams

And pinching writhe our

Memory with a blade.

That night

Three women

Gathered children

Dancing in your winds,

Stained red

Above the screams.


– Lona Gynt,  January 1990.

All rights reserved for text


Dedicated to the children of Dresden, 1945…  and others in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Shanghai…, Parkland, Aleppo, and in the private homes of countless petty tyrants whether behind the doors of mud huts or gates of picket fences.  Whether the victims are many or few – whether the violence is meted out as a misdirected vengeance or in the name of a greater good (like winning a war) or just emanates from a black hole of devouring hunger, may God show us how to protect His little ones…  Why can’t we stop these evils, why can’t we turn our inner struggles to empathy and kindness instead of cruelty?

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