BTT # 2.0: Desert Crossroads At Dusk

Desert Doodle
This post is in response to the prompt by Lillian at the dVerse Poet’s Pub for Tuesday poetics.  The task is to post a poem that utilizes Antithesis.  I have chosen to resurrect a poem that has sat in an old student notes binder on a shelf in my various homes since 1989, and then in mildly revised form was shown privately to a few friends on a Second Life Notecard in October 2015, and then has sat on the BTT #2 spot on my blog-type-thingy since January 2017 where it is has been seen only slightly more often than its first iteration.  Link on over to Lillian’s prompt to check out the left and right hands of the d-uni-verse.  Here is the prompt:


Desert Crossroads at Dusk


If we had thought
At this interim,
Where he plants
His graveled head
Lifts his back
And carves the sifted plain
To greet our tread,
That surety were
Merely the lengthened
Shadow of our sweetest dreams.
Then had each herself
Her own heart reprieved.
Whether her path into the darkness
Or the sinking fire led.

Lona Gynt, 1989.
All rights reserved, Lona Gynt October 2015

18 thoughts on “BTT # 2.0: Desert Crossroads At Dusk

  1. So glad you posted.
    “the lengthened
    Shadow of our sweetest dreams.”
    These two lines I find fascinating — and I’m mulling them over. Our shadows either follow or precede us…….so can it be that our dreams await us anew and sometimes, unrealized, they fall behind us?

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    1. I think that is true, and after all these years I had not considered the direction of the shadow in this poem. You have opened an additional reading to me for my poem. Makes my day! Thank you.


  2. These particular lines are some of the few things I have written that I consider a veritable truth, almost everything else is a question. But perhaps relegating surety to a dream-state might mean I am prone to just “skirt the edges” 😉


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