BTT #36: Broken Quadrille

Sunny Day Cica3_001
Here I am feeling a little lazy, resting my head on a rabbit, relaxing on a wooden block toy raincloud in the sky.  Sometimes Second Life is so Freaking Awesome.  This Poem is in response to Amaya’s dVerse prompt on the Seven Deadly Sins.  This is a very serious subject so I have written a very serious little Quadrille.  For those who might not be aware, a Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words, not one more not one less, excluding the title.  It also contains a chosen designated key word that must be used somewhere in the poem.  You will hae to guess waht the magic word is in this Quadrille.  Don’t let the long Title deter you.  Here is the Link to Amaya’s prompt just below the caption:


Poetics: 7 and 7

I was too lazy to edit so I broke the Quadrille.  yes, it was me, it was sitting around there all shattered and the entire dVerse had long faces, and said together, “HEY! WHO BROKE THE QUADRILLE???!!!)  I mean my poem was so awesome and each little word was just dripping with honey clanging  like a long slow machine in my moist and heaving parts (errm did I say parts?! Oh how embarrassing!  HEARTS!  I MEANT HEARTS!), yeah that’s right hearts- hearts is more poetical and stuff.. so wait a minute that doesn’t make sense, you only have one heart, so the plural doesn’t make sense, well I really meant to say that I wouldn’t see why it did make sense, not that it would make sense and I thought that might be obvious, anyway I digress.  And what is it with me anyway, I am digressing, why can’t I be like Bjorn, he never digresses but just chugs along beautifully, people might like me better if I could be like Bjorn again.  So anyway, why does there always have to be so many rules anyway, and who was it who made dVerse God and said that it had to have forty-four words, no more, no less – HEY – I bet someone on the team can actually answer that one.  But if I break the rules, they won’t let me post this on Quadrille Monday and will promptly – hehe- remove my link, I need to get all the Mr Linky Love I can, If I don’t get all the Mr. Linky Love I can, then it just pisses me off (see I can be like Charley and use a word like piss, gosh that actually feels sort of cool), hey that’s me, Lona, pissed off in Portofino!, anyway, I digress again), why do I do that!? I guess it might have to do with the fact that I ordered the entire shrimp PO-BOY with the Hot Damn sauce rather than just the half sandwich Scruffy’s special, which I always plan to eat the sandwich (half-sandwich mind you, can’t you see the brilliant planning!) and then bring the Etouffe’ home for later, but oooh that Etoufe, which always smells the same, but never quite gets spelled the same always beckons to me right there on the spot, and reminds me that if I don’t eat it now, then someone at home will be rummaging through the fridge and eat it before I get a chance to, and then what is the point, I mean, isn’t it true that the person who gets the most Eatofu wins, where is the soy in that and is that a joke or just a typo?  Anyway, I digress – So how was I gonna get round this Quadrille racket anyhoo!  I got it, the forty-four words does NOT include the title!!!  YAY!!!, So Ima jus gonna tippy-type the longest big awesome Title ever!!!   And then the last forty=four words will be the Quadrille, It is perfect!!!  mwa-ha-ha-ha.  This just might be the record for the longest title ever for a Quadrille… and I join the Cohen Brothers with the “Raising Arizona” of Quadrille poetics, and we get to keep the actual Quadrille brief, which Amaya loves so much, because she said she loves the concentrated brevity (at this point I am thinking brevity-schmrevity) of the form and the discipline to edit down something to a small precise lovely little space, and what was the opposite of diligence, can I find that in the anti-thesaurus?  I’d go find it but I was too lazy so I broke the Quadrille.  Now I think I have covered the deadly seven and should really start rambling in on the seven virtues, but I have had so much fun sinning I am not sure there is time. Anyway I digress- I love dVerse, and am grateful for y’all and now I am going to end this with a Haiku so I can also call it a Haibun and post it again on Haibun Monday – BOOYAH!!!  At this point the (ok ok get ready, now the actual Quadrille is about to start)

Mood becomes all lyrical and artsy and stuff like a Japanese Summer, waving against the Autumn rain of Winter’s Spring cherry blossoms…
Ok everybody quiet.. curtain rises…  here goes.
Silence has no noise
Now I break the Haibun too.
Eat your heart out Frank.

Not much is right with this one, but Lona Gynt still claims all Rights Reserved for this Hot Mess, July 2018.  (It’s Mine! you can’t have it!)

Sunny Day Cica6_001
Pictures are from Cica Ghost’s Second Life Exhibit:  “Sunny Days”  It was awesome.

36 thoughts on “BTT #36: Broken Quadrille

  1. Ha! I’m laughing out loud ((okay, stifling giggles because baby will not be happy if I startle her from dreamland) but you made my day, Lona! I don’t know if Björn will see this since he’s on vacation (geez, that’s sooo Björn!) and I haven’t seen Charley around, but you rocked the tribute! To dVerse, I mean. Not to the quadrille, you cheater! Sinning is fun in this way, but I think God too would agree that so many (of man’s) laws are meant to be broken. I heard Jesus echo my laugh to the tofu/soy bit. Which reminds me, among the healthy mamas circles, the current consensus is to eschew soy, but where is the JOY in that? You’d think it a sin to boil some edamame, but I do not concur. And lastly, your comment to Frank was the best part of all. Lol, thanks Lona.

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    1. I am so happy, I apologize if it made you wake the baby, but it would be worth it because that would be super cool bragging rights for me! (Oops, slipping into character again, drat, maybe it was a tad too fun). A few weeks ago I started chuckling to myself about ways to cheat at the quadrille by extending the title, I had been reminded how historically some poetic purists used to maintain that a poem should stand alone and the title should just be the first line or merely a numerical designator. Of course, the title in “modern” poetry frames the whole piece or is otherwise an intrinsic part of the poem and can shift the whole thing different directions. I think of Carol’s offer with this prompt “Shadow of Sin,” I think by including the word shadow you see the key that her poem is about the mislabeling of confidence as pride. The title of my last actual quadrille was originally “Aphasia” then “Versimilitude,” but the poem seemed to be grounded in a desperate need to escape, as opposed to a search for balancing the disparate imperatives of personal cohesion with the loving ties that bind. I might have put the words “Don’t let go” into the poem, but I couldn’t do it without breaking the quadrille, then I realized I just had to change the title. I did so, and the whole thing then seemed to line up. But it DID FEEL like cheating, 😉. THEN… I was so relieved to feel you were ok when I read your prompt after having first been profoundly worried by the poem (gosh it was powerful stuff my friend), that I had just become sort of giggly at the thought of replying to your prompt with a lazy quadrille, one sin led to another until BAM! There it was: Title latitude taken to extremes. Hope everyone enjoys it, I’ll be a good girl and promise to not break another. 😇. Your comments made my day!


    1. Yay!!! I mean, Praise!!! (Giggling)… can I still meet the dVerse ninjas, I mean, to just shake their hands and get their autograph, and not as the feared 44 guardians of the quadrille I have heard so much about? Glad you liked this. 🙂


  2. Oh Lord.. i didn’t Realize this was/is
    in Jest.. Lorna.. and i started seriously
    Fearing this might
    be the
    end of you
    on the dVerse
    Trail and then
    soon enough i realized
    it was just an Extra Long
    Title and a Parody too.. i’m
    Sort of a Trickster too.. Truly i Love
    to Be Free and Pursue iT aLL in one LiFE
    NoW to really reAlly LiVE.. and True that is
    What Dying as Life coMes to Be
    Victory in ReborN aGaiN NoW
    Butterfly RiSinG OuT
    oF Cocoon For Real
    For What Is any
    if not
    AcTuAlly LoVinG LiFE
    iN All dARk and LiGHT..
    WitH ABSoLuTeLY NoTHinG
    to: HiDE More i ReVeaL More i Free From:
    YeS.. i’M Best FRiEnDs WitH My Mr. Hyde And Dr.
    Jekyll Too Oh We DO GeT ALonG JusT FiNE NoWoNE..:)

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    1. Thanks Barry, I’m just a sweet little gal who is just looking for an angle, even with a little quadrille, hehe. It is good to have you here, so very glad you enjoyed this.


  3. ROTFLOL!!! Oh, where are my keyboard emojiis when I need them most! 🙂 Lona, that was nothing short of hysterical! I love it–especially your haiku at the end!!! LOL! What a spectacular tribute, and the ultimate broken quadrille haibun! 🙂

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