BTT 59.2.5: A Willow’s Kiss


weeping willow
Image from Pixaby, free for non-commercial use.

A Willow’s Kiss


A willow’s kiss

Wakens slowly but

Runs deep.

Joy sings

But always parts,

If not with silent passing

Then with slowly tilting hearts.

The impervious stream flows

Without asking

To measure bliss or sleep,

We just hear the

Whispered roundings

Of time enough

To weep.


  • Lona Gynt, June 2019.  All rights reserved.


I first posted this on BTT #58, buried under a poem about Guilt and murder and war and Lady Macbeth.  The gentle willow was chafing being hid underneath her stern countenance and so needed a place to grow on her own.  So I am re-planting her here.  Here is the link to the original post:




Here is a link to the wonderful Chandra Lynn’s Thursday Tree Love Post with a beautiful weeping willow filtering cascades of sunshine instead of tears.  And she also has the three definitive songs about willows.


#ThursdayTreeLove | Why Does the Willow Weep?


14 thoughts on “BTT 59.2.5: A Willow’s Kiss

    1. Oh Mem! That is such a lovely haiku. Has not only a tag to the seasons of the trees but the shorter cycle of our human hearts and lives. The world watching us, we are not the Lords of the Earth, but the subjects. Perfect Haiku my friend, it means a great deal to me to hear this from you. 💜


      1. Therisa Godwaldt

        We’re told, beauty is, in the eye of the beholder. Too often, the willow tree, is dismissed, as an ugly weed, of a tree. Never realizing, its true grace of flexibility and adapting, to the changing environment. Unlike, its stately brothers, like the Oak, Maple, and Birch trees, with the tall majestic crowns. Crush under winter’s brutal assault. A fitting metaphor, for the transcommunity.

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